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‘Tis The Season of Giving!

If you're like us, you started your shopping in October and finished by black Friday weekend, you have your super organized list of gifts and checked off each one, like a professional shopper. Ha! Just kidding! - Shout out to those who actually are that professional holiday shopper! But to those of us who are a little behind, we know the holidays are hectic and can be very stressful when it comes to buying gifts. 

With Christmas less than three weeks away, it can be so nerve-wracking and we get caught up in buying gifts instead of the joy of gift giving! Preparing a gift should be fun! And enjoying the happiness on your friend or loved one’s face when you give them their gift is truly priceless. 

So here are a couple of quick ideas to spark your gift giving ideas: 

1.Sweet treats are always a good idea!  You can easily get an assortment of holiday candy items from your local dollar store and put them in a festive gift basket. This way you can spread the holiday cheer to your coworkers or friends without over spending! 

2.Gift cards always come in handy for the people that like to pick out their own things. Ha! You can buy gift cards to their favorite restaurants, retail stores etc. Some come in packs of three – more bang for your buck. These gift cards make great stocking stuffers! Especially for big families. 

3.Personalized gifts are good for those who love to add a personal touch to a piece of jewelry, glassware, stationary items or even a bottle of wine! It's all about the thought that counts. People want to feel like they were thought about and the best gifts are those that come straight from the heart.

4.Give to those in need, research your local charity, or church organizations have plenty of opportunities for you to give gifts to children and families in need during the holiday season.

No matter what you decide to gift your loved ones this Christmas, gift giving is truly about the joy of giving. Don’t feel like you have to break the bank for gifts, always stay true to the real meaning of giving and the true reason for the season. Always give love, give laughter and truly experience the joy it brings – the gift that keeps on giving!  


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