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The Level Up is Sold Seperately

Have you ever had moments in your life where you dream about what your perfect job would be or what your ideal life would look like? It's like the more you think about it, the more clear your vision becomes. Especially with this pandemic, it's really allowed us to slow down, think, and look at our lives. If you have this feeling in your gut or the desire for more, know that you deserve more. You have everything you need to accomplish your dreams, no matter how simple or wild they may be. You just have to decide to go after it, and anything other than YES is unacceptable.

Being fully transparent, the moment you decide you want better for yourself, more, or that you're going to starting something fresh, a lot of people will not understand or support what you're doing. Mainly because, they're not used to level of ambition and drive that you possess. You have to be ok with people not understanding your mission, A lot of times, people can't comprehend what they've never seen or witnessed so they hate and talk. You'll learn very quickly to reserve your energy on people's opinions and advice. What other's think of you is none of your business. What you think of yourself, is everything.( Let that sink in and read it again.)

As you follow your dreams and build yourself up, you have to be ok with creating a life that most don't understand. The thing is, most people strive to just survive, stay above water and live a mediocre life. If that's what they want to do, that's completely ok. Just know that when you decide to step out on faith and live your life, most people will not understand what you're striving to do. You're going to have to be selective about who you share your dreams with. It can even be a little lonely, but the reward will be great.

If you're on the edge of trying something new but you're not sure .. ask yourself these questions.

- Do I want more out of life?

- Can I see myself doing my dream job for the rest of my life?

- Am I willing to learn and sacrifice to get where I want to be?

- Is this my purpose in life?

- Am I willing to do the work to build myself or my brand up?

If you answered yes to at least these three of these questions, you and I both know you're meant for me and it's time to JUMP into who you're called to be. So what are you waiting for? It's either one day or day one, you decide!


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