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We are real friends, experiencing real life and going after real dreams, together! Shelby is a small town girl, Erica being from the city, are total opposites but balance each other out and are divinely connected. It’s amazing how God will connect you with people you are supposed to be connected with. We met at work, - Shout out to God! From then on, a genuine friendship was born. We've traveled together with our first trip being the Essence Festival in New Orleans (if you have never been, we recommend you go at least once! ) You will get your life!


Anyway, we were so inspired by the panel of speakers, all influential black women sharing their stories to inspire others.  Before we started our brand, we attended a brunch, and at that moment something in our spirit said you are supposed to be doing something together. We had no idea what that “something” was. One day we had a meeting about creative ideas and our brand was born in 2017. We both LOVE being able to use the gifts and talents God has blessed us with to build an amazing platform. We have such great things in store for All Things Melanin!


Featured in Voyage Dallas Magazine


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I'm just a small town girl winging it as she goes. From East Texas to the city, I've always had a passion for media and entertainment. It's what I love and consumes me in my free time. With a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations and Advertising, and a Master's of Liberal Studies, you can say I'm kind of "obsessed" with all things digital.


  I genuinely believe that the dreams and desires that God has placed on my heart will come to pass as long as I put in the work.  I don't aspire to be like anyone but me, "Shelby." I love who I am and the woman I'm growing to be.  I pray that through my stories and experiences it will touch, encourage or inspire you in some way. From traveling, to writing, to being creative, I'm just a free spirit that is constantly evolving. I'm just a country girl at heart figuring it out as I go.

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Often times when someone asks me to tell them about myself, I don't know exactly what to say. I'm always quick to say my zodiac sign, "Virgo!" as if that should sum it up, ha! One thing is for sure, I am always in my head, observing and analyzing every detail of everything! Trust me, it was a skill I was born with, just ask my parents who have been putting up with my sense of humor and quirky ways since the beginning of time.


  Growing up in Texas, I've always been raised with the mentality of: "If you can dream it, you can achieve it." I have earned my Bachelor's degree in Communication and have a background in media and marketing. Ultimately, I want to become a television producer and be an inspiration to young women like me. I know I will get there because I am passionate about evolving and becoming the woman God has created me to be, that is my purpose!

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