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How to Pivot & Create The Life You Want

There's no manuscript to creating the life you want. In fact, there are no rules! We're living in a time where we have free will and can really go after anything we want to in life. We're not sure who needs to hear this, but if you are imagining a different life for yourself, or want to be in a different position in life, it's not too late. It's never too late to pivot and manifest the life you desire and want. The first step is making a decision you want something different and then saying NO to everything that doesn't support or get you to where you want to be.

Erica and Shelby looking at their Mac laptops

A little backstory - both of us have had to pivot in our lives in the last five years. Here's the thing, when you're in the stage of pivoting, it can be nerve-wrecking because you don't know what's going to happen. However, be brave enough to take a leap of faith and give it your all instead of becoming more miserable by the day. When you pivot, it's more than likely going to be scary but if you just take everything day by day, moment by moment, and sometimes even second by second, you'll get there.

When we both decided to pivot, here are 5 things we did:

  1. Made a decision we wanted something different

  2. Wrote out our intentions of what we wanted to "pivot" to

  3. Wrote out action steps to achieve the goal

  4. Put action steps into action

  5. Repeated steps 1-4 until we got our desired outcome

While you're pivoting, you also have to be intentional in your thinking and prayer life. Listen, if you want good, you have to think good things. It's so easy to be negative and doubtful of yourself. You can't get stuck in that phase - it will slow you down and throw off your energy.

As you're pivoting, speak life over yourself. Write down affirmations, create a vision board, and write down your vision. Have something you can refer back to as you manifest and pray to God for more.

So many times, people let their lives waste away. They have an excuse for everything. But the truth is, the only person that is in the way of everything you want is YOU. Everything you want and desire is on the other side of hard work and a leap of faith. You can have it all - whatever that is to you. So what's it gonna be - one day or day one?

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