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6 Tips to Survive Covid-19!

These past few weeks have been mentally and emotionally draining. Sitting around watching the news, watching the unemployment rate skyrocket, and the uncertainty that the coronavirus brings is overwhelming. Being social beings, it's hard to have everything you're used to ripped from underneath you and be forced to self-quarantine and social distance yourself from others. As hard as it is, it's necessary for us to do this to look out for one another, flatten the curve, and save those around us. Whether you're spending time alone or have your family to self-quarantine with, being confined can become too much.

Know that it's ok to feel however you may be feeling. We're all experiencing a pandemic so there's no right or wrong way to feel or deal with it. No matter what it looks like, know that this is only temporary. This is a great time to either rest up or be creative like never before. Know, this is a time where you decide what you need. Don't allow anyone to pressure you into feeling some type of way or of doing more that you can mentally or emotionally. Listen to your body and do what's best for YOU.

Here are 6 Tips to Survive this time:

1. Set aside time to pray and meditate.

Be intentional with your time with God. Worship Him, delve into His word, be present. This is a great time to connect and grow with God. We're often so distracted and busy that we don't take time spend with God. Well, we have nothing but time now. Setting time aside to do this daily can really help improve your mood.

2. Get fresh air daily/ move for 30 minutes per day

Whether you're going for a walk to the mailbox, a run, walking out to your balcony or backyard, or exercising, it's important to move your body. It's so easy lay around, Netflix & Chill all day, and eat up all the snacks. Don't allow yourself to get so lazy that you don't move your body or get fresh air. You'd be surprised how this can make you feel so much better.

3. Be aware of the amount of news you intake and the source you get it from

Always be informed of the latest news and what's occurring in your area, but we wouldn't recommend watching the news coverage 24/8. Also, make sure the coverage you're reading/watching is accurate. Limit your news coverage intake, it will help with how your mood dramatically.

4. Connect virtually with friends and family

One thing we've been really intentional about is staying connected to our friends and family during social distancing. So hop on FaceTime or video conference and have a virtual happy hour, virtual brunch or just a group chat. Grab your wine, some snacks, and catch up with friends. It's not quite the same but it'll do until outside is safe again.

5. Have a schedule/structure for your day

Make a loose schedule for yourself. If you don't, it's easy to do nothing all day, and thus be unproductive. Having some structure allows you to get things done and be more productive.

6. Rest, Reset & Refocus

Take advantage of this time to rest your body and mind. Unwind, relax and just be. We know it can be hard but you may never get the opportunity to be still like this again so take advantage of this time.

As we all endure this unsure time, we're praying for each one of you. During this time, do what's best for YOU.


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