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The Importance of Quality Time With God

Your journey is your journey, and no one else's. Let that sink in.

As you're building your career, relationships, and life, we often want to share our journey with others. That's normal, we're the same way. What we've learned along the way on our journey is that sometimes  your journey is between you and God only. That you have to take time to invest in yourself, know yourself, and build yourself up without outside influences and opinions. Sometimes, as humans, we are seeking approval or validation from others. The truth is, we shouldn't rely on people for validation but rather God. Our worth and knowledge comes from God. 

As you work towards your goals and building your empire, this season of your life is critical to your development and growth. As you put in work, you'll often find yourself isolated or feeling isolated from what's occuring around you. That's normal, although it may not feel normal. During this time, it's your time to perfect your craft, come up with a game plan, strategize, make yourself better, and prepare for what's to come. Once opportunity comes, you don't always get a second chance to get it right or make a first impression.

In this season, allow yourself to feel everything you're feeing. Research, study, ask questions and just work. Work like you've never worked before. 

When you're building, it's ok to keep things to yourself. It's ok to figure it out on your own. When you're doing something that is outside of the ordinary or status quo, average minds won't understand or comprehend what you're doing. When people don't understand or comprehend, they often will attempt to talk you out of it, tell you why it won't work, and put it down. They'll never get it because God gave you the vision, not them.

Sometimes, you just have to put in the work and let your results speak for you. 

Be ok with staying quiet and working. It's ok to do this. It's nothing personal. Allow yourself to have quiet time. To speak to God and to hear his voice. We can do everything right but the most important ingredient is God. He is what will push you to success. He can open doors and put you in rooms you've only imagined, but you have to spend time with him first.

One thing that we're both big on is praying and having quality time with God individually and together. We pray on everthing we do, say, and create. We've realized how important it is to stay quiet about our goals. We don't always announce our wins or our gains. We've learned to listen to God and stay quiet until we have peace about it.

In whatever season you are in, know that your journey is yours. It's between you and God. Work, stay quiet, and put in work. When you have peace about it and feel as if you're ready, shock the world and share!


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