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Seasonal Vs. Lifetime Friends

You are who you surround yourself with. So cliche, but so true. As you build your legacy, business and/or self, you have to be careful of the energy you allow to enter your space. After all, you act like the 5 people you interact with the most. If you're hanging around 4 boss women, you'll more than likely become the 5th boss woman. But if you're hanging around some hating women, then you'll eventually pick up their habits too.

Sometimes, we assume that we need certain people in our life because we've known them for a certain amount of time and we attempt to take them with us. Listen, everyone can't go where you're trying to go. Sometimes, you have to release the dead weight to get where you're going.

You and I both know, you know when someone's time in your life is up. Some people are seasonal while others are lifetime. Be able to discern which is which. Sometimes you have to love people from a distance. Through these past couple of years, we've both had people come and go in our lives. People we assumed we'd be friends with forever, people we assumed would always have our back. The truth is, some of those people aren't in our lives. In each season we've gone through, we've realized that sometimes you have to let go of what you think you need in order to receive what you deserve.

We miss out on our blessings sometimes because we hold on to things and people that have served their purpose. We had a friend tell us recently that everyone that comes into your life comes into your life for a reason. Some people are only seasonal, know who those people are and adjust accordingly.

As we're all preparing to go in another decade soon, really think about the people you're surrounding yourself with. Think about the people who are pouring into your life, who are influencing you and who are your "friends." We're all at a point where friendships are more than surface level chatter but more like the family we get to choose. Is this a person who has your back,? Are they multifaceted? Can you turn up and then turn around and have an intellectual conversation? Are they evolving with you? Are they making you better? Are they someone you can trust? We could go on and on with questions.

But as you create the life you've always wanted, make sure those you're surrounding with are on board, and not sinking your ship. Are your friends seasonal or lifetime friends? Only you can answer that.


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