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NO More Comfort Zones!

Everything you've ever wanted is usually on the other side of your comfort zone. Often times, we become complacent with where we are in life. Maybe you've reached an ok financial status, an ok relationship status with your signicant other, or an ok job that allows you to get by. But you know deep down in your gut and heart of hearts, there's more. You know that there's more to life and more specifically, there's more for your life! If you're having that nagging feeling and you've become restless, it's time to move and be who've always wanted to be and know you can be.

It's time to get out of your comfort zone. 

Getting out of your comfort zone is scary. It's scary because everything we know and we're comfortable with is inside our comfort zone. Everything that is unknown and scary is on the outside of our comfort zone. When you get out of your comfort zone, it's allowing you to be break free and get started. You have to begin before you can succeed. Getting out of your comfort zone allows you to spread your wings and fly. It allows you to jump into who God has called you to be.

However, understand that when you get out of your comfort zone, you'll be stepping out on faith. You're not going to have all the answers, know what to do, or maybe even how to go about doing what you want, but that's ok, just start. When you get out of your comfort zone and step out on faith, if it's where God wants you to go , He will will provide and lead the way. He will bring the right people in your life, things will begin to work out for you, doors will open, ideas will come, and strategies will flow. 

However, know when you step out of your comfort zone, you will be tested and tried. Everyone is not going to understand why you're doing what you're doing and that's ok. What God has destined for you is only meant to be understood by you. Go anyway, do it anyway, and on your terms, your way.

This is your life and you only get one shot. When you look back, what do you want your legacy to be? What do you want to be remembered for? What do you want to accomplish? Whatever that may be, you're going to have put yourself out there to succeed. It won't be easy and it will be scary, but the scariest part is beginning. So commit right now to being the best version of yourself and creating a life that you're proud to live.

So right now at this moment, commit to stepping out on faith and getting out of your comfort zone. You can do this, you have all the skills, tools and knowledge to do great things. WE believe in you. Just like you, we're stepping out on faith and our comfort zones turning ideas and strategies into realities. We don't know what the future holds or how things will turn out, but we have faith and will continually step out of our comfort zones to be all we can be.

We challenge you to do the same. Step out of your comfort zone today and start right now. You can do this. Fear and faith can't reside in the same space so choose faith. You've got this!


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