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Let's Bring Back Sisterhood - Hating is overrated!

Be honest. Have you ever looked at another woman (or man), and caught yourself being jealous, envious, or vindictive towards them? Maybe it's a stranger on the street that you've never met before or someone you know. Nonetheless, have you found yourself hating on them?

And be honest. To be truthful, we've all done it and are guilty of it. The reality is, those thoughts aren't a reflection of them, it's a reflection of you and who you are as a person. One thing we've realized is that hating on the next person doesn't stop their grind or happiness, but it will stop yours. You don't know what that person is enduring, going through, or has on their plate. Instead of hating, we need to support and encourage one another.

When you hate on someone, what's really the point? Like, what are you getting out of the situation? Absolutely nothing. When you find yourself hating, acknowledge it, and ask yourself why? What does this person have over me or have that is making me feel this way? And be honest with yourself. Most of the time, you'll find that the reason you're judging someone is based off of something that is occuring or has occured in your life. 

If we've ever found ourselves in this position, we nip it right in the bud and pray it away and talk to God about it. Instead of continually hating, we replace the negative thoughts with prayer and conviction. As women (or men), it is our duty to support and encourage one another. There is enough going on in the world that will tear you down and make you feel down. We dont need to add to that by being bitter and mean.

Hating is not a good look sis, it really isn't. Every person on this earth is beautiful and unique. There are talents that they have the God saw fit to give them, and there are talents you have that are specific to you and your purpose. Focus on loving yourself sis, really loving yourself. Once you love yourself, you open yourself up to love others like God loves us.

It's time to turn around the perception that women can't support, encourage, and uplift one another. It's time to build a community of women who are loving and caring towards one another. We're striving to be the type of women who gather together in genuine happiness, support, and that have one anothers back. It's time to get back to building one another up and putting one another on. It's time to get back to sisterhood. 

And we can do that, together. We're better together as a unit, that we are on our own. For such a time as this, it's time to bring back sisterhood.


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