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Lesson # 1 - Just Start!

There's this huge misconception that you have to have it all together to start, to follow your dreams or to pursue your passions. The reality is, that's simply not true. Keeping it 100, we're going to share something with you. When we started our brand in 2017, we didn't really have the equipment or software to do anything we wanted or needed to do. We borrowed one of our dad's camera and his tripod to film. We used one of our apartments to set up and our backdrop was just a plain wall. We didn't have any lights, equipment, or a backdrop. We literally started from the bottom.

If we had waited until everything was "perfect, we never would have begun. However, we used what we had to get done what we needed to. As we progressed, we got what we needed and eventually got our own camera, lights, a backdrop, and other essential things. We didn't wait or make excuses for what we needed, we used the resources we had and progressed as best we could.

Looking back over a year later, we're so glad we started where we were or we would never be where we are now. We still have a LONG way to go but we're far from where we started.

We're not sure who needs to hear this but just start sis (or bro.) Start where you are with what you have. Create that first video, write that first post, launch that podcast, do whatever it is your heart desires. START. It can be scary to do something and not know how it'll turn out, who will support you, or how it will get done.

If we could give you any piece of advice or encouragement, it would be to start or begin right where you are. Write it out, pray over it, put your head down and do the work. The longer you wait, the longer you mess with your destiny. Every person we admire or who has success has had to start somewhere. You're no different, you have to start somewhere too.

Remember, you have everything you need to be everything you've dreamed of. Don't let yourself down. You've got this. Take one small step today and continually step it up..

We believe in you, now let's work!


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