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Hello Summer!

Summer Travel Tips.

They say, when all else fails, take a vacation! Summer is here and its the perfect time to take that trip. Whether you are going on a girls trip or a baecation, we have some quick summer travel tips for you!

1. Be prepared

Plan ahead and do your research. Put together an itinerary for your trip. Plan out details ahead of time so that it will be less of a headache trying to figure out what to do while you are there. When you plan ahead and get to your destination, you can just show up and have fun! Who wants to get there and have no idea where to go and what to do? You would waste so much time figuring that out instead of actually experiencing the place! When we travel we always have a loose itinerary and we research beforehand. We look up places to eat, shop, nightlife, shows, etc. A lot of times, purchasing your tickets for shows ahead of time is more efficient and also making reservations is key if you are going to visit a popular restaurant. Also, always have a backup plan. Just in case a restaurant wait it too long, or a show is cancelled. Have at least two other ideas of where to go instead. This will avoid a lot of frustration trying to figure out what to do if the original plan falls through.

2. Take a nap/rest

Do you ever go so hard on your trip that you need a vacation from your vacation? We definitely have, lol! For one of Shelby’s birthdays we visited Mexico and had an action-packed adventure, for sure! We did everything from zip-lining, to riding four-wheelers through the jungle, to jumping in a 67-foot deep cenote! For Erica’s birthday we traveled to Las Vegas and turned all-the-way up! From pool parties to zip-lining to nightlife, we had a blast to say the least! So, with these types of adventures we like to have, a nap/rest is definitely scheduled somewhere in the itinerary! We love planning a nap in at some point of the day, whether its just an hour or lounging until it's time to go out to dinner. Allow yourself to rejuvenate, hydrate and not over do it to the point where you need a vacation from your vacation.

3. Try new things

We always encourage you to try new things, whether that be going to see a show or going on a excursion, or try a new restaurant. Who wants to go to the same restaurants that you can go to in your own city? Try a mom and pop restaurant or a local diner to really experience the culture of the city, town or island. Our last road trip we went on, we traveled to the Wine Country and it was a small town full of vineyards and small town restaurants. When you think about it, when traveling places that you may not go to again, for a while, you can say you have tried this food or that place and knock it off your bucket list.

4. Take a Road trip

Road trips are so fun! Pack snacks and a small cooler for beverages. This is a easy way to keep on schedule to your destination instead of stopping every hour because someone is hungry lol. Road trips are good for conversation, car games, vibe to music, and see the beautiful scenery on the way to where you are going. Always have another person to be the backup driver in case you need a break from driving. Take pictures along the way to capture those moments on the road!

5. Make memories

Every Summer has a story. Anytime you think back to a summer, you probably have a whole story to tell. The most amazing, transformative moments happen during the summer. When you travel, be sure to take in the moments and actually be in-tune with what you are experiencing, The best memories are not captured on social media and are the best memories you will never forget - that’s the best thing about making memories.

If you are planning a trip, or thinking about planning a trip, we encourage you to do it - go explore! You most likely will come back with a renewed mind and spirit. Vacations are needed if you ask us. All of this talk about summer travel has us ready to go to our next destination! Our next trip to New Orleans for Essence Fest will be the highlight of the summer - if you are planning to go, hope to see you there. Cheers to good times and tan lines!


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