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Have They Counted You Out?

Updated: May 29, 2019

Has anyone ever counted you out? Told you what you can't do or why you weren't equipped to do something?  Given you the reasons and the backstory of why it won't work and told you what you could amount to? Doubted you, counted you out, and tried to write your story for you?

IF so, that is one of the most infuriating things that a person or people can do. On our journey, we've learned that people can't see and understsand what God called us to do because they don't know or understand the vision God gave us. Many times, people count you out because their imagination or mind can't comprehend what you're called to do. 

There are those people who are small minded. You know the people who are my way or the high way type of people. The ones who know everything, and try to put their views and ideals on you because it's worked for them, their family, and others. But the truth is, life isn't a one size fit all type of a thing. What works for us, may not work for you. And that's ok. 

When someone has counted you out, how did you feel? What were the emotions that came with that? Be honest. Many times we feel anger and then self doubt begins to creep in. But here's the thing. that's normal. The closer you get to your purpose and passion, the more people will begin to talk. The more people will insert the opinions and beliefs on you. The more people will diagnose what you can and can't do. The more people will try and come for you and the calling on your life.

Whatever someone said or did to count you out, we understand it can be upsetting, but let it go. It's not about you and has nothing to do with you. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, doesn't mean it's fact or even accurate. When someone counts you out, it's the enemy testing you and trying to get you to give up and in.

The calling that's on your life will impact people, change lives, and take you to another level. However, before you can get to that level, you have to understand that it's normal to be attacked and counted out. Everyone who is great had their share of challenges, ups, downs, and bad days. You are no different. It's not about what people say, it's about how YOU choose to react to it. Learn how to disregard negative and biased opinions that have nothing to do with you. Take what you can, use it, and let the rest go.

Only you know what you're called to do and the purpose on your life. Don't allow anyone to taint that or take it away. It doesn't matter who counted you out, count yourself in. You have all the skills, knowledge, and talent to be succesful. Walk in your purpose and do it with confidence. Do things scared, do it by yourself if you have to, and do it unapologetically. It's not a time to shrink back but a time to stand up and be bold. Be who you're called to be.

You were made for a time as this, you've got this!


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