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Feeling Stuck? Read This!

Every once in a while, we get ourselves in an emotional rut. It's a time where you can become pessimistic, negative, emotionally drained and you just don't know where to go or what to do. This is what we call being stuck. You see everyone around you progressing, making moves, living their life but you seem to be at a stand still. Feeling stuck can appear as if you've hit a low. Here's the thing. We all get stuck sometimes, the key is not to stay there.

Here are 5 Keys to get unstuck!

1. Recognize that you're stuck.

Often when you're down, nothing you tell yourself or do cheers you up. It's a negative place that we sometimes go to when we're feeling down and out, with no quick answer of what to do. If you find yourself in a negative place, with negative thoughts, you may be stuck. And if you are, recognize that you are and find a way to deal with your emotions. Ask yourself why you feel the way you do. Journal your replies, pray about it, scream in your apartment, do whatever you have to do to release the negative emotions that are holding you down. In order to resolve the issue, you first have to admit that there is a problem, and that you're stuck.

2. Be Encouraged.

If you find yourself down, pour into yourself. More than likely, your mind and emotional wellbeing are empty. You need to be inspired, encouraged, and lifted up. Listen, I know you may not be where you want to be, you have big dreams, ideas, and passions. But as long as you're doing the best you can with what you have, you're doing great. Understand and know that you are one step closer than you were yesterday, keep going. It's ok to feel down but encourage and tell yourself daily encourging affiramtions such as: I will be succesful, I am great, I am powerful, I have what it takes, and etc. You are what you believe you are and you can do what you believe you can do. 

3. Do Something That Makes You Happy.

If either one of us find ourselves stuck, we realize that we've focused on mainly one thing and haven't taken time to pour into ourselves or have fun. Do something that you enjoy doing. This will lift your spirits and allow you to refocus. Read a book, watch your favorite show, have a girls night, sing your heart out at karoake or whatever it may be, just treat yourself to a good time.

4. Listen to Inspirational Messages.

Sometimes you need a pep talk mid week. Make sure that you follow people and pages on social media that encourage and inspire you. Often we get caught up in social media because it shows us a false idenity of who people are. Don't worry about what they're doing, worry about you first and foremost. Listen to an entrepenuer podcast or youtube video, listen to an inspirational message by Joel Olsteen or Sarah Jakes Roberts on youbtube. Following inspirational pages on social media to encourage you throughout the day is a big mood booster. What you read and listen to have an impact on your thoughts. Feed them postitivty, inspiration, affirmations and encouragement.

5. Don't be so hard on yourself.

Often times, we find ourselves in a rut because we're not happy where we are. That's ok and normal. We've been there and felt that way. But understand that Oprah didn't achieve success overnight and neither will you. It's going to take hardwork, dedication, and persistence, which you have. Keep going. It's ok to critique yourself but give yourself credit. You're trying, you're putting forth the effort and giving it all you got. That's more than most people are doing. Give yourself a break and instead pat yourself on the back and say "good job" "almost there" and continue to pump yourself up.


We've both felt stuck in life because there's so much that we want to do and accomplish. But you can't accomplish the goals you have if you aren't the best version of yourself. It's ok to feel down or stuck for a little while. But take that feeling, remember how you felt and use it as motivatoin to get where you're going. You were made for this and can do it. We know you can. No matter who doesn't believe in you or what you don't have, understand that you have all the tools, knowledge and skills to do what you've been called to do. We believe in you and encourage you to be the best version of you.


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