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5 Reasons To Add Essence Fest to Your Girl's Trip Bucket List!

This is our fourth year in a row going to Essence Fest in New Orleans, Louisiana and this year did not disappoint. Five days, four nights - LIT is an understatement to describe how much fun we had for the 25th anniversary of Essence.

If you've never been and you're able, we urge you to go at least one time in your lifetime. It's the epitome of #blackgirlmagic (and #blackboyjoy) where you can get a little bit of everything from inspiration from panel speakers, meet and greets with brands and influencers, meeting new people at networking events and even LIT nightlife where you can party like it's 1999 - FOR REAL!

Essence Fest holds a dear place in our heart because it's where the idea for our brand originated. We left so inspired in 2017 that we literally left the festival and began working on All Things Melanin and launched that same year. Essence for us, is one of the few places we can go to get motivated, inspired and get our creative minds flowing as we continue the journey of building a brand that women of color and entrepreneurs can relate to. To see women of color doing what they love, unapologetically brings chills down our spines because that's what it's literally all about. It's the one weekend where we can come together, all be family, no matter where we're from and just have a great time.

Here are 5 Reasons You Need to Go to Essence Next Year

1. #BlackGirlMagic is Everywhere!

It's super important to attend events and be surrounded by women who look like you and that you can relate to. You don't always see us thriving positively but Essence Fest is literally putting black women on pedestals and shining a light on their accomplishments while giving us the keys to do the same.

2. Level Up in Knowledge

Every year there are prominent speakers that literally give away gems in their discussions such as Tyler Perry, Kofi Sirobi, Dawn, Al Sharpton and more. You can literally level up in knowledge and take away tools to make yourself better and level up in your life.

3. FREE Events Everywhere

We don't know about you but FREE is one of our favorite words, if not our favorite. To get into the convention center is free and there are also free events around the city put on by brands such as Maui Moisture, Cantu, Mielle, HBO, and so much more. Why not get free products and even meet the owners who created the product. Many times, the owner is there and mingling with people, talking, taking pictures and answering questions.


Essence Fest is literally magical, not in a corny way but in a motivational way. From panel speakers, to free events, nightly concerts at the Superdome, day parties, live podcast tapings and more - there's something for everyone. The experience is unlike any festival we've been to. The entire weekend is a marathon because something is always popping off.

5. It was made for us by us

Essence Fest is literally one of the only events that was made for us that is about us. There is something for everyone, literally. It's so important to attend events and immerse yourself in things that are about our culture and that celebrate black people in a positive light. So often we complain about things in the world or how we are portrayed, but Essence is one of the few places that is a safe place for us to just be us, unapologetically!

Trust us, we're not new to this, we're true to this. We had so much fun, it's literally going to take us days to recuperate and function as normal again. If you haven't, make Essence one of your girl's trips for next year, we promise you won't regret it!


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