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Essence Fest 2018 Recap

Essence Fest 2018 was filled with so much black girl magic everywhere you went! From the style, to the hair, to the expos, and parties, there wasn't a dull moment the entire weekend. For the third year in a row,  we ventured to Essence Fest in New Orleans for our annual girls trip with our bestfriends. For three days, it was jam packed with celebrity panels, influencers, black owned vendors, and numerous experiences that left us wishing that Essence Fest came around more than once a year.  It is literally the ultimate black girl experience. From young millienials to aunties and older, everyone, no matter their age was LIT. Essence Fest is like a huge family renuion with thousands of beautiful, melaninated women in attendence, dancing, singing, meeting new people, and acting up the entire weekend (in a good way LOL.) Plus, the dj's always have it poppin' with music from the newest releases  to classics from back in the day that will take you down memory lane.

The beautiful thing about Essence Fest is that it was created by people of color for people of color. It's a festival that celebrates our beauty and caters to us. They give tips and tricks on numerous topics such as how to be succesful, beauty hacks, and much more. There are numerous giveaways, picture opportunities, and just so much resilience in the room it'll almost make you cry.

Every year it gets better and better.There are events, expos, and pop ups throughout the city that occur, in addition to the events that occur at the convention center. Plus, for three nights, Essence Fest host concerts with our favorite artists, some new and some that will take you down memory lane from back in the day. This year, we had the pleasure to see the Teddy Riley experience, Fantasia, and THE Janet Jackson. It was one of THE BEST concerts we've been to. That was just one night. Plus, if you don't know, New Orleans knows how to party and when Essence comes to town, it's LIT on a whole other level. From sun up to sun down, it's a party. The party literally never ends. A list celebrities such as Michael B. Jordan, Lance Gross, Ro James, Mack Wilds, Woody McClain, Ella Mai, Luke James and more were in attendance for some of the crunkest parties. Plus, New Orleans is the home of bounce music so you know it went down and everyone danced until they couldn't dance anymore.

As we were leaving to come back home, we felt this rush of heaviness come over us because it felt like the weekend had went by so fast and it was a blur. But then as we reflected on the weekend, that sadness turned to happiness. Essence Fest was like that boost of energy that fuels you, pumps you, keeps you going and sends you out into the world.

What makes Essence Fest so special is that it brings so many women together from different parts of the United States. It allows us to connect and network in an environment that is safe, fun, and FREE (all events at the convention center are free.!) Essence fest is an one of a kind experience that lives up to the hype! As silly as it may sound, it's magical. It's one of the few places you can go and you'll be accedpted, loved on, and encouraged every moment that you're there. Every year, we've left feeling rejuvenated. In fact, Essence Fest 2017 actually gave us the idea to start our blog!

So if you've never been and have always dreamed of going, or went a long time ago and have the urge to go, this is your confirmation to prepare for next year and go! Grab your girl squad and meet us there next year!


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