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Choose Your Outlook, Choose Your Attitude!

We don't always get to choose the cards we're dealt or the situation we find ourselves in. Sometimes, we find our backs up against the wall with no plan and not a clue what to do. Everyone has been in a situation like this and if you haven't, you will. When you're faced with hardships or are not sure what to do, how you choose to react matters. We can't always choose what happens to us. However, we can choose our reaction to the situation.

Many times, the situations we find ourselves in are meant to grow us and teach us something. Maybe you've prayed for discernment, growth, and answers to certain situations. Sometimes that means we have to go through a season where our backs are up against the wall. These are the times that develop our character and us. Before you can get to the next level, God has to make sure you're ready. Sometimes he takes you through the storm to cleanse you of what's holding you down, to drown those who are holding you back and you're forced to look inwardly.

We're both in a very interesting period in our lives. It's as if our backs are against the wall and things aren't going how we want them to. It's literally always something. But we decided we can either bitch about it or boss up about it. Complaining does nothing so we decided to boss up.

Whatever is thrown at us, we look at it and say, what is this trying to teach me? What do I need to take from this? We change our outlook and it changes the situation. We make a choice to see the good, take the lesson, and faith it out. We've come to realize when we change our attitude and outlook, we usually pass the test to go to the next level.

Wherever you are in your life, no matter what has happened, look at how you're reacting to the situation. Choose your outlook, choose your attitude. You've got this!


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