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Chapter 30

So many people ask “How does it feel to be 30?” 

I can honestly say I am excited and looking forward to this new chapter of my life! I feel like it’s a new beginning towards what God has planned for me. I truly believe that the hardships I have endured during my 20’s have only prepared me for what is to come.

If you were to ask me 5 years ago, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” I have to tell you, my life looks completely different, ha! At 25, I really didn’t know what I wanted in 5 years, I knew what I thought I was supposed to have, if that makes sense. I thought I was supposed to have the career of my dreams or supposed to be engaged and by 30, and be taking my kids to preschool. In reality, I hit 30 and I am not married, or engaged, no kids, and I am still finding my way in my career, and that’s okay!

One thing about me is, I am a planner. I plan everything down to the smallest detail! But my life is up to God’s plan. The biggest lesson that turning 30 has taught me is, LET GO. Let go of all the thoughts of what I think I should be doing or the thoughts of where I think I should be in my career by now. I had to learn to let go of everything I thought I wanted, everyone I thought I needed, and every idea of how I thought my life would be at 30. I am in control of the choices and decisions I make, but ultimately, I am allowing God to lead me. I have peace in knowing I am exactly where God wants me to be. His timing is perfect and his plan for my life is better than mine could ever be!

The past two years have been a true test of faith that lead me to have experienced God’s grace on another level. When you really go through something that brings you to focus completely on God, I realize he doesn’t need my help, he’s got this! I have peace knowing that God never takes something from you without coming through with the upgrade! – something better is ahead of me.

I feel that my 30th year is my year of restoration and transition into becoming the woman I am destined to be and that excites me. I am so grateful for where I’m at, and excited for where I’m going! 


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