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A Dash of Faith, Perspective & Reality

 Let's Keep it Real

Life is HARD.

Often times, we find ourselves burnt out from the busy lives we live. We're always on the go, doing for others, pouring into others, and trying to make it. As a result, we rarely take time to take care of ourselves. We mask it as something we have to do and continually run ourselves in the ground.  Recently, we've both found ourselves irritated, annoyed, and overwhelmed with things that were occurring in our lives. On the outside, it appears that we have everything together. But on the inside, we're no where close. 

This weekend was life changing. It put a lot of things in perspective and allowed us to trust God and the vision he has for us. It allowed us to see clearly and know that everything that is occurring is for the Greater good of the Lord, not us. 

We wanted to share the top 10 things we got from this weekends conference.

1. Trust your Journey.

Whatever God has placed on your heart to do, do it. You may not know how it's going to work or how you'll get there, but just go forward. If God placed it on your heart, he's already gone ahead and prepared the road ahead of you. You will have challenges, ups and downs, and you will be tested. All women of faith are. However, that is merely God preparing you for what He has in store for you.

If God placed it on your heart to do something, go somewhere ,or pursue something, know that it is already done and worked out. Trust your journey sis and just go for it.

2. Trust your Gift.

Each one of has a gift that is meant to touch, teach, and inspire someone. Your gift is special and unique to you and those around you. Whether your gift touches one person or many, use it to show the love of God and influence someone's life in a positive way. Respect your gift. Don't disrespect it or downgrade it. Use it and use it wisely.

The gift you have, God trusted you with it. That's why he gave it to you. 

3.  Overcoming Fear.

This past weekend, the host Stacy Ike said something that stuck with me.  "Fear is normal, Faith is better." That's so true. 

We all have fears and things we're afraid to do, afraid to confront. But usually everything you've ever wanted and craved is on the other side of fear. It's ok to have fear, but it's not ok to allow it to hinder your progress. It's not ok to willow in it and allow it to win. So whatever it is that you're afraid of, do it scared. 

Take a deep breath, say a prayer and just do it. You may be pleasantly surprised that it wasn't as bad you thought it would be.

4. Learn how to get quiet. 

There is so much noise that is around us. Noise from work, friends, family, school, and really everywhere we go. All the "he said" "she said" can be overwhelming and draining. Don't allow what  people say to get you off track. Learn how to get away from the noise and distractions around you and get quiet.

Learn how to have quiet time. Learn how to talk to God by yourself. When you block out the noise and get quiet, it will allow you to think. You'll begin to see things clearly and you may find that things will begin to fall into place. You'll see that you don't need the validation or ok from people. That everything you need, you already have. 

5.  Surround Yourself with Gayle's

The more you come into your purpose, you'll start to see that you're growing. You're growing into your purpose and figuring things out. Everything is starting to make sense and you're beginning to see the work ahead of you.

However as you grow, you'll want to make sure that you surround yourself with genuine people. People who love you, root for you, want the best for you, who will hustle with you, and are always there when you need them. People who will ask you what you need before you need it, people who will root for you when you're not rooting for you, people who will check you, encourage you, and uplift you on your journey.

Some people are seasonal and will suck the life out of you. You don't don't need those people. You need Gayle's. That person who is often happier for you than you are for yourself. That person who just goes the extra mile for you not because they have to, but because they want to.

6. Move in Silence

Not everyone needs to know your every move. What you're doing, planning, and wanting to do. If God placed it on your heart to do, then do it. Go for it. At the end of the day, it's you and God, no one else. Learn how to pray about it before you talk about it. It's ok to build, prepare, and pray as you go. 

7. Network & Build Relationships

Often times, people think that networking means to shove business cards and your resume down peoples throat. However, that is far from true. It's about building a genuine relationship with a person and getting to know them. It's about being genuine and allowing the other person to see who you really are and what you can do. If the connection and relationship is there, the rest will come.

If you're desperate and shoving information down someone's throat, that won't make them want to hire or do business with you. They'll probably want to forget your name.However, if you can make them laugh, strike up a conversation, or just create a genuine relationship, it'll allow you to be memorable. It'll allow for the doorway to other things to occur. 

8. Be in the moment.

So many times, we're always worried and and thinking about a million and one different things. Our mind can barely catch up. But when was the last time you just took time out and enjoyed the moments that make up your day? Just really took the moment in and was present mentally during your conversation or event?

Learn how to be in the moment, take everything in, and be present. There's no use worrying about what you can't fix. Often times, you'll miss your blessing worrying about other things you can't change or that don't even matter. Be in the moment. Start a conversation, give out a compliment, and just enjoy the right now. You'll never get that moment or time back.

9.  God wants you to be happy


He really does. However, I think that often times we question the things that occur in our lives and make ourselves miserable. Make ourselves go into this dark place that was only meant as a test.

We don't know what you're dealing with or even what you're going through. But we do know that God loves you. HE loves you more than you know. He has kept you this far, loved you this far, blessed you this far. Why would he stop now? And the answer is, He's not because his love for you is unbelievably strong. Allow yourself to be happy and enjoy the love that God continually bless us with.

10.  Trust God

In everything you do, trust God. He will not leave you or forsake you. We know it's easier to say than do. But it's the one thing that will take you from one level to the next. He can take you places no man can take you and open doors that no man can close.  If God is for you, it doesn't matter who is against you. Trust him and he will bless you more than you could have ever imagined. 


We know that some days are better than others, we get it. But we pray and hope that as you follow your purpose, listen to that little nagging on the inside. Follow it, trust it, and respect it. God doesn't put anything on us that is not meant for us to pursue. If he placed it on your heart, He will allow it to come to pass.

As you go through the rest of the week, remember to take care of you and put yourself first. Know that you are enough, you are beautiful, and the purpose you have is going to influence someone to be better and do better. Be encouraged and know that on your purpose journey you may bend, you may be shaken, but you were not created to break.


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