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6 Self Care Tips You Haven't Been Doing!

You are your biggest priority before anyone else.

When was the last time you did somthing for yourself or put yourself first? Often times, we do so much for everyone else and so little for ourselves. Well that stops now. Because the truth is, you can't pour into others if you don' first pour into yourself. You are important and have to take the proper steps to take care of yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically. It doesn't necessarily have to be anything huge, they can be small things that add up or you can just go all out and treat yourself! LOL! But no matter if it's big or small, make sure you do something for YOU.

In today's society, we're always on the go with a million things to do. Of those million things, none of them are usually for ourself. Make it a habit to do something for yourself that makes you happy and allows you to relax. I know it seems impossible sometimes but you can do it. Set aside a specifc amount of time and a specific day out of the week/month that is specically for you. 

Here a few tips to making self care a priority ..

1.Have some [ME] time.

Take time to do something you want to do. Go to the spa, read a book, take a nap, work out or whatever you like to do in your personal alone/me time. This is uninterrupted time that is dedicated to you. This is the the perfect time to unwind, relax, and get anything that has frustrated you off of your chest for good.

2.Remove anything and anyone that is toxic from your life.

Anything or anyone that is causing you an unwarranted amount of stress, has got to go. So often, toxic people or situations take a toll on us without us recongning it. You have the right and the power to remove anything or anyone that threatens your peace. You'll be surprised how letting go of things or people will make you feel better mentally, emotionally, and physically.

3.Clean out your social media.

What you read and consume afftects you. If when you scroll through your social media all you see is negativity, gossip, etc., it can take a toll on you. We often use media as a "getaway" to see what others are doing or up to. If your social media is draining you, it may be time to clean it out. Clean out your social media to benefit you. Follow pages that inspire you, motivate you, give  you a burst of energy and/or smile. You'll be surprised how cleaning out your social media feed can improve your mood and outlook.

4.Do Something fun and exciting at least once a month!

If you're like us, you're always on the go or doing something for someone else. Well, at least once a month, commit to doing something fun. Plan a girls night out or in, have a game night, go go-carting, sing your heart out at karoake, or do someting really adventurous such as sky dive (if thats what you're into!) But whatever it is, do something that is fun to you!

5. Eat healthier foods. 

Begin to change/alter your diet to include healthier foods such as fruit and veggies. Little by little, incorporate a healthier eating regimine. We've found that sometimes the foods we eat play a part in us being drowsy, tired, and over the day before 11 AM. Try drinkinig a frutit or green smoothie and see how that plays into your routine. This is something that we struggle with but are working to be better at. (let's work on this together)

6. Rest.

It's ok to rest and do nothing. Learn how to rest and give your body a break. Take a nap, catch up on your favorite TV show or mediate. Whatever you need to do to rest, do it. And do it often!


Self care is one of the most important things we must do for ourselves, but often don't. We do more for others than ourselves, neglect to take time out to care for ourselves, and run ourselves into the ground. The truth is, we've got to make it a priority to take care of ourselves mentally, emotionally, and physically on a consistent basis. Self care is vital to your success and to your health.

So today, commit with us to implement self-care into your routine. Remember, you are your first priority and have to take care of you first and foremost!


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