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5 Mantras To Live By!

One thing we've learned is to focus on right now, and not yesterday or tomorrow. So often, we waste time and energy on people and things because of our inability to be present in the moment. Here's the thing, life will happen. Some days will be good, others will be ok, and some may seem unbearable. Some things, we just don't have any control over. However, what we do have control over is how we react to things and handle them. 

In our years on this earth, life has humbled us in numerous ways. We're both control freaks. We always have a plan, a back up plan, and a strategy. But life will knock your plan out of the water and leave you shooketh. We don't have all the answers, and will never pretend to. However, here are a few lessons we've learned along the way to make the most out of everyday.

1.What God has for you, no man can take, steal, or destroy.

Whatever God placed on your heart to do or be, have the faith and the reassurance that He will provide, keep, and lead you to your destination. It doesn't matter whose doing it, how "saturated" the market is, or when you begin, know and believe that God will see you through. God gives us each unique gifts and talents to use and glorify him. It's our duty to use them and do what He told us to do.

People may talk about you, try to discourage you, or get you off track BUT what God ordained, no one can interfere with. People may mess with you but they can't break you. God may make you struggle but He is only preparing you for what He has for you. Don't be discouraged by people or the ways of the world. Instead be encouraged that God has your back and will exceed your wildest dreams!

2. Do what you can do, and don't worry about what you can't do.

Everyone gets the same 24 hours. And honestly, some days we kill it, and some days we don't. It's the plain truth. The problem is, we often beat ourselves up about it, but if you've done all you can do, and given it your best, know that that's good enough! Tackle what you can and complete what you can. Make a list of the top 3 things you have to get done and knock them off. Priortize your taks and things to do so you're not overwhelmed.

If you worked your butt off and you've given it all you've got, let everything else go. The guilt and beating yourself up. We have no doubt you're amazing and a beast, but you're human. Do what you can do to the best of your ability and let the rest go. Then the next day, do the same. If you're giving 100%, you're already winning because many people don't even do that.

3. Everything happens for a reason.

We know this is cliche and everyone says it, but it's true. Everything you are encountering right now is happening for a reason. In order to get to the next phase of your life or season,  understand that you have to go through trials, tests, and sometimes setbacks. Everything you endure is setting you up for greatness.

Anyone that is great or successful, has worked really hard to get there. So will you, you're no different.  A lot of times, things we endure or go through prepare and lay the foundation for where we're going. What may be your setback now will be your testimony later! This may be a rough season for you, but understand and know that this is temporary. Continue to lay the foundation and groundwork for your business because someone is watching and peeping what you're doing to tell someone else how dope you are. 

4. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

There are things that will happen in life that will shake you, upset you, and make you think that you're not good enough. It's ok to feel down or discouraged, however, it's not ok to stay there. There are things that happen to us that shape who we are. You can either deal with the issue, boss up, and take it on head on, or shy away and let it overcome you.

Here's the thing, everything you go through shapes who you are. Every obstacle shapes who you are as a person. When you deal with what's occuring, you make yourself stronger and teach yourself endurance. Know that you can do anything you set your mind to. You were made for this and have all of the tools and skills needed to get through anything.

5. Faith will take you places hustling can't!

Having faith is hard sometimes, we struggle with it on a regular basis. But it's the one thing that will and can substain you on your journey in life. If you have the faith of a mustard seed, God can and will exceed your expectations. Faith is not tangible, we can't see or hold it but we can think and believe it. We are what we think and pray about. 

So whatever you're wanting or needing, pray and have faith that God will lead you, protect you, and allow you to manifest what you've been praying for. Faith will exceed your expectations if you allow it to and believe wholeheartedly that God will provide. Faith is having a one on one, intimate relationship with God and knowing that He will come through in his own timing.

Life is unpredicatable and you will be tested. But the more you're tested, the closer you are to reaching your destination. Be encouraged and know that you have everything within yourself to be successful. And if you ever feel like you can't do it, push those thoughts out of your mind. From the bottom of our hearts, we believe in you and know that you can and will do what your heart desires. We're praying for you, cheering for you, and always hyping you up!!!


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