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#GoGetter Spotlight - Dara Ates of Lashy by Dara

Dara is one of the most kind, genuine, eye lash poppin' women we know. She is one of those people that when you meet her, you feel at home and at ease, which is a great thing since she is an eyelash tech and extremely close to your eyes. (LOL)

Our #GoGetter Spotlight, Dara, has proven that when you're passionate about something, and you have a dream, you go for it and don't look back. Dara shares her journey to starting her business, setbacks and so much more.

What's your definition of a #GoGetter?

My definition of a Go Getter is someone who goes out and gets it done by any means necessary! They set a goal, create a plan, and execute it. If that plan doesn't work, then it’s back to the drawing board until the goal is achieved.

Introduce Lashy by Dara

Lashy By Dara is an eyelash experience dedicated to making the everyday woman look and feel her absolute best. I'm enhancing natural beauty, and boosting ladies confidence everyday and it makes me feels like I’m fulfilling my purpose in the beauty industry!

Why did you decide to start you own business within the beauty industry?

I’ve always loved eyelashes and how they just make your eyes POP! It all started with strips, then clusters, then extensions came along. I fell in love with extensions at first site. I was appalled at how natural they looked and that how something so simple as eyelashes could enhance your natural beauty. I began wearing extensions and loved them so much I decided I wanted to do them!

What was your "aha" moment that inspired Lashy by Dara?

My “aha” moment was in 2011, my freshman year of college! I had been wearing cluster lashes all summer and thought I was the sugar honey ice TEA! Once I got to college, I wasn’t able to get them done anymore with me going to school in another city two hours away. So I said “aha,” I should start doing these myself. So I became my first client and that’s when the Lashy movement began!

What is your ultimate goal for your business?

My ultimate goal for Lashy By Dara is to become a celebrity lash artiste! I’ve come a long way in this business and in my craft. I’m only going to get better and continue to elevate in my craft and the beauty industry. I can’t wait to get my hands on a celebrity!

What has been one of your most rewarding moments you've encountered so far in your business?

Some of the most rewarding moments has been of course being recognized by you beautiful melanated ladies for being a Go Getter! I’ve been recognized by Voyage Dallas, traveled for trainings but the most rewarding moment was completing one full year of being self employed! I prayed for that moment and for it to become my reality, I am just grateful! I am now on my second year! 

What is one setback you've experienced and how did you overcome it?

During my lash journey, my set backs were slow weeks. Sometimes I would have 5 clients that week, sometimes 3 and I would even go a week with no clients. It was hard because you’re thinking and stressing about what you’re doing wrong. Back to the drawing board because I’m a Go Getter and I knew I didn’t get that far for nothing. 

What does balance look like for you as an entrepreneur?

Balance to me as an entrepreneur is knowing that one business is at a great flow which gives you more time to start and work on another business venture. Keeping the juices flowing, not remaining stagnant, continuing to elevate as an entrepreneur!

What would you say to someone who is on the edge of following their dreams/passions?

I would say to someone who is on the edge to just go for it! Take that leap of faith, it is so rewarding. Start your business, you can perfect it later! Just do it with no regrets!! 

How can people get in touch with you and/or book an appointment with you?

Ladies can get in touch with me at 817-501-1146.

My booking link is, FB: Lashy By Dara at Royalty ILashes

IG: @lashybydara 



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