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Meet Devyn Walker, CEO of Transcend Wellness Boutique

Updated: 4 days ago

Transcend Wellness Boutique is a mind-body boutique that specializes in healing through therapeutic services and mindful movement practices such as yoga & pilates. Founded by Devyn Walker, Transcend Wellness provides a safe and supportive community that promotes health and wellness for all, with a special

focus on BIPOC communities. No matter if you're a member of the BIPOC community or an ally, this is a safe space where you can improve your mental health, break generational curses, and begin your journey to change.

CEO of Transcend Wellness, Devyn Walker
Image Source: Transcend Wellness Website

In the heart of DFW, Transcend Wellness has established themselves as a safe space for BIPOC individuals to navigate life's many challenges and obstacles. Whether you're feeling overwhelmed, struggling with finding balance or dealing with a hard time, you don't have to go at it alone. Instead, you can go at with a licensed professional who can help you navigate on your healing journey.

Devyn's Story

Devyn, the founder of Transcend Wellness Boutique, experienced a personal tragedy that greatly impacted her life. Through her own healing journey, Devyn discovered the tools that allowed her to restore her mind and body during a tough time in her life.

So in 2020, Devyn went all in and went on the journey to officially launch Transcend Wellness. On her healing journey, she felt a huge connection and empowerment from those who looked like her. It was then that she found added motivation and empowerment on her healing journey, with yoga and therapy playing a major role. Her findings helped her so that she was inspired to share its impact with others.

Devyn recognized the need for a space where individuals can be seen, heard, and supported as they navigate life and try to figure it out. Transcend Wellness is a safe space where you can prioritize your mental well-being, to heal and recharge, without judgment.

Devyn Walker practicing mindfullness
Image Source: Transcend Wellness Website

Fostering a Safe Space and Community to Heal

To transcend means to rise above or go beyond the limit. At Transcend Wellness, you can do this two ways: through therapy sessions or mindful movement classes.

Therapy sessions offer an opportunity to process difficult emotions and situations in a healthy manner with a licensed professional. Life can be overwhelming and difficult, but you don't have to deal with it alone. The following therapy sessions are offered:

  • Individual Therapy for Adults & Teens

  • Group Therapy

  • Family Therapy

  • Yoga Therapy

Mindful movement classes provide a chance to move your body and immerse yourself in the power of healing through movement. These classes are all-inclusive and teach you how to listen to and nurture your body as a catalyst for mental and emotional healing.

The classes are led by highly trained instructors who specialize in mindfulness, fitness, and trauma informed practices to guide you through a holistic practice that harmonizes mind, body, and spirit. You can expect to experience physical strength, mental clarity, and emotional balance as you journey towards better health. Class options include:

  • Private Individual and Group Yoga Classes

  • Mindfulness Based Strength & Pilates Classes

  • Meditation & Sound

Transcend Wellness Boutique Team
Image Source: Transcend Wellness Website

Ready to Transcend?

Devyn took the passion and resources she gained on her healing journey and shared it with others. She saw a need to create a community and safe space for BIPOC communities and its allies through mental health services and mindfulness.

To learn more about Transcend Wellness Boutique or Devyn, click below:


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