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The Culinary Artistry of Chef Smoot: From Soulful Flavors to Exquisite Presentation

Meet Eric "EA" Smoot (better known as Chef Smoot), a self taught chef that resides in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Chef Smoot is a talented Black chef that cooks up delicious, savory, and finger licking good food that will captivate your thoughts for days and weeks to follow. From soul food to upscale delicacies, Chef Smoot delivers an unique food experience unlike any that you've experienced before. His food captivates taste buds with his unique blend of soul-satisfying flavors and exquisite presentation. 

Black Chef, Adrian Smoot
Source: Chef Smoot Website

Chef Smoot's passion for food began at a young age. The meals his mom and dad cooked up around the dinner table left a huge impression on him. Growing up, he thought cooking was a just a tasty hobby until he got to college. In college, he had the opportunity to work out of a small kitchen in Arlington, TX. From there, he gained valuable knowledge and experience that allowed him to grow his culinary talents. He had the opportunity to watch and study how dishes were created, plated, orchestrated, and saw there were endless possibilities in the kitchen for him.

After college, Chef Smoot continued to follow his passion of cooking and eventually stepped out fully on faith. Since then, doors and opportunities have continuously come his way and thus, Smoot's Kitchen was born.

Chef Smoot dish
Source: Chef Smoot Website

Smoot's Kitchen is a private chef and catering company ran by Eric Smoot. He specializes in cooking up great tasting food. His menu is always evolving in subtle ways to give his clients what they want from southern comfort to American fine dining. Chef Smoot is constantly striving to provide a smooth business process that gives exceptional service as well as learning new techniques and flavors to bring to the table.

If you've ever tasked Chef's Smoot food (and we have), it's evident that he loves what he does (cause it's sooooo goood!)

Homemade Waffles and Chicken with special sauce
Source: Chef Smoot Website

Today, Chef Smoot is a sought-after personal chef, delivering his delicious eats to homes, events and more.  No matter if it's a romantic dinner for two, a family gathering, or a corporate event, Chef Smoot delivers an unforgettable experience.

Chef Eric Smoot posing by a sandwhich
Source: Chef Smoot Instagram

To learn more about Chef Smoot, his services, or book him for yourself, here's where you can find him:


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