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Ever Evolving Women - Connecting Women in the DFW #GoGetter Spotlight

As women, we're stronger together, than we are as one. So why is it so hard, sometimes, to find women who are like minded, encouraging, and who want to be connected to other great women? We hear it often, how women can't get along. And that's just not true. Yes, some women can't get along. But there is a large group of us who can get along with other women quite well. When we come together, there is power in numbers, networking, and fellowshipping with other like minded women.

When she needed it most, Angela didn't see a networking group of women she could relate to. So instead of complaining about it, she did something about it. She created her own!! Now that's a #gogetter mentality. We chat with Angela about her journey, brand, and road to growing her network.

What is your definition of a #GoGetter?

My definition of a GoGetter is one that  doesn't give up! No matter what obstacles they face or how hard it gets, they keep going after their dreams, goals, and success!

Introduce Ever Evolving Women and the value it contributes to the culture?

Ever Evolving Women was created to change the narrative of Sisterhood and interaction amongst each other by uniting women of all ages & cultures together authentically! I believe that the value that Ever Evolving Women contributes is shown in each Meetup and event that is hosted. EEW is always a safe place for every woman that is a part. We don't just do brunch, we seek to be a blessing to each other. We're there for one another through whatever! Women as a whole, need that. We need to know that we're not alone and that we can depend on each other and that's what EEW is all about!

What is the inspiration behind starting Ever Evolving Women?

I was inspired to start Ever Evolving Women after going through the most traumatic series of event in my own life and not feeling like I had community behind me through the entire process of just a season of loss. It dawned on me that if I was feeling so alone with what I was dealing with me, there had to be many other women feeling the same...and thus, Ever Evolving Women was born!

What’s your why in life?

My why is my daughter....I think about her and the society and generation she is living in and it is my hope that if my generation can get it together and come together, we can teach young girls like her. 

What would you say is the hardest part about starting a networking group?

The hardest part about starting a networking group is coming out of my own comfort zone! I'm naturally an introvert, so to encourage and push women to do what is hard for myself is always difficult. But, it's also my biggest motivation! The irony LOL..

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a podcast, a networking group, or an organization but doesn’t know where to start or have the resources? 

I always tell people the hardest part is just starting! Take the focus off of what you don't have and what you don't know, and put your focus on what you do have and what you do know. The support and resources will come! Enjoy the journey; The ups, downs, joys, and hurts.

Any tips on what has worked for you? 

What has worked for me, is not being afraid to fail. I go into every venture knowing that failure is a possibility, but not a guarantee! The fear of failure holds a lot of us back, but when you're doing what you love, the passion has to be greater than the fear. 

What is your biggest dream for Ever Evolving Women?

The biggest dream I have for Ever Evolving is for it to reach beyond geographical and cultural boundaries! I want to see women all over the world apart of this movement to bring women together.

What is one setback Ever Evolving Women has experienced and how did you overcome it?

Bringing women together is not easy. Many of us have been berraued, hurt, and had bad experiences with other women, so at times that has put an obstacle, but I always say that this group is for those who feel it's for them. So, the best way to overcome is to keep going for those women. 

You work full time, manage your networking group Ever Evolving Women and have the Ever-Evolving Podcast, what does balance look like for you?

Balance?! Honestly, I feel like if I'm doing my best, I'm balancing! That's really all you can do! Your absolute best.

With all that’s going on in the world, what keeps you all motivated to keep going? 

The world is so dark and dismissal and to know that I can be a light and an impact in all of the chaos motivates me. The world needs more light!

How can people keep up with Ever Evolving Women?

You can keep up with Ever Evolving Women on Instagram and Facebook @Ever Evolving Women and

Is there any additional information and/or comments you would like to include for our readers?

*Yes, you can also check out The Ever Evolving Podcast at anchor.FM/everevolvingpodcast

Be sure to check out Ever Evolving Women and everything they're up to!



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