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New Year New You? 5 Things You Can Do To Refresh

*Written by Cache` Castelow

Throw out the old habits and bring in the good! 2019 is here to stay, so are your new

habits to refresh your mind, body, relationships, health and faith. This year, instead of having one resolution, I soley promised myself to create new habits and new methods in my life by challenging myself in becoming the woman I seek to be.

Check out 5 changes below to refresh your 2019, let’s be great together!

1. Unclutter your closet.

“An organized closet creates space for an organized mind”- Cache’ Castelow

I find when I take the time to go through my clothes, I feel more neat and ultimately less cluttered in the mind. You can start by coordinating your clothes by color, outfit choice, style and old to new. That’s not all........the cherry on top is giving away clothes you no longer see use for. I usually give my clothes away to Goodwill or The Salvation Army in my community. So not only did I clear my mind, I also cleaned my closet and accomplished charitable work all in one.

2. Body Goals - Snatched all 2019.

Typically, the 2018 me would've told you to go to the gym 3 times a week, but I understand that life gets in the way and sometimes commitments fail. The 2019 me wants you to find anything you enjoy to do during your leisure time that gives you exercise and a complete body breakthrough. For myself, I now find it easy to walk around my neighborhood with my yorkie. You can find a sport or do a quick walk around the mall to burn calories. I recommend do something that keeps your body moving that’s aligned with your interest.

3. Hang Up One Relationship for Another.

In 2019, I think it’s time we hang up toxic relationships that do us no justice and pick up relationships that are full of growth and good vibes. This one may be hard so start by using the phone method, use less interaction with negative relationships on the phone and make more interaction with positive relationships.

Try it! You’ll definitely feel refreshed.

4. A Healthy Chic is a Wealthy Chi.

The saying, “Health is Wealth” is so true. Once your health is on point or gradually

getting better, everything will be at your fingertips. Now in 2019, I do little to no

complaining because I know my health is taken care of. Not only do I go to my regular appointments but I also check in with my therapist, dermatologist, nutritionist, and primary care doctor for daily confirmation that I’m right on track with my health. Make your appointment this week to refresh your health!

5. Don't Fake it, Faith It!

“Faith sustain the soul and spirit to move righteously”- Cache’ Castelow

In 2018, I prayed that I become a virtuous woman but in 2019 I’m believing that I am a virtuous woman. I don’t know about you but my faith keeps me sane. No matter what your religion might be, I suggest you make that connection or strengthen your connection in 2019 so you too can feel more refreshed. What helped me was setting a goal to where I want to be in my faith, specifically and by the middle of the year. I will evaluate my faith and try setting another goal for the following 6 months, so by the end of the year I can be solid in my faith. Believe, and it will come to fruition.


Media Journalism Major, and brilliant brand innovator, I present to you, Cache` Castelow. Professionally, attending Central Arizona College concentrating her skills in Journalism/Mass Communication and Media Relations. As a newcomer behind and in front of the multimedia world, Cache` Castelow has carved out her mark in script editing, creative writing, branding, marketing and much more. Miss Castelow can represent a company, work with the company and be the company collectively. Cache` ambitious persona works parallel with her vision and ability to succeed. In addition, Cache’ has created, “GoalGetIt: Vision Board Series” to propel, motivate, and set to accomplish any goals to come to mind for her clients.


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