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Living Life The FITT Way…

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

My name is Eboni W. and I'm the creating founder of The FITT Team and every day I live my life the FITT way! FITT is an acronym that means Forever Inspiring Total Transformations and the goal is to live life physically, mentally, and financially healthy while inspiring others to do the same. You see, The FITT Team began as a rebellion against the norm. I woke up one day sick and tired of being selfless for others and receiving no appreciation for my sacrifice. You know the sacrifices we all make as women, moms, wives, dads, husbands, and entrepreneurs. The kind where you give and give until you no longer have anything left for yourself, then you give some more? Now, don’t get me wrong, I have no problem sacrificing for loved ones, but who was sacrificing for me to make sure I was okay? Therein lied the problem, and after talking to older moms, wives, and mentors, I realized this was common. So I rebelled and created The FITT Team for other moms and entrepreneurs alike!

I wanted moms and entrepreneurs to take one hour per day for themselves, release their frustrations in the gym and rebuild their bodies however they deemed fit! I wanted to teach others that in order to be effectively selfless, you must become selfish and take care of you first! By teaching the heads of the household how to cook, how to exercise, how to shop within budgets, and now teaching one on one virtual classes on getting out of debt faster, we in turn teach our children how to live a better life.

Living The FITT Way is about experiencing freedom to express yourself, to develop, and to grow into who YOU want to be, not who society tells you to be! I think it's so important for us to all live The FITT Way and not only transform ourselves, but our mindsets, our children mindsets, and in turn the community.

5 Ways to live FITT:

1. Drink your water!

Regardless if your goal is Fitt-thick, fat lost, or simply to maintain your body, water is your best friend! Its great for keeping your hair, skin and nails healthy and hydrated

while also helping you keep your waist snatched! Water is the cheapest and easiest way to speed your metabolism up and burn fat all day.

2. Develop a budget AND STICK TO IT!

In order to truly live free, you must take massive action to

get your finances in order. Develop a plan to pay down student loans and credit cards, develop a savings plan, then update it monthly!

3. Develop a morning routine that’s mentally beneficial for you.

Whether its waking up 5-10 min earlier just so you can spend the first moments of each day solely thinking and tending to your needs or journaling in a bedside notebook. Get into the habit of taking care of your needs before you take care of everyone else. By putting yourself first, and feeding your soul before giving to

your loved ones and the world, you’ll start each day full of self love.

4. Find an accountability partner!

Over the years, I’ve had many failures and successes, but when I looked back at my path, I realized I accomplished more when I had a friend working towards

her own individual goals. During both of our busy lives between parenting and constantly working on our goals, we still held each other accountable to accomplish our daily goals.

5. Find a mentor!

A mentor was the biggest and most humbling investment of my career and life thus far. He changed my reality within 6 months and helped me gain better insight with myself and talents. My mentor helped me clarify my vision and develop a stronger foundation and brand. My mentor helped me see the financial potential of my brand, helped me develop the confidence to ask for more from sponsors and business relationships. I went from making $10k in a year to making $10k in 3 months consistently.

Being FITT is all about building a strong relationship with yourself in order to continue carrying the weight of your family on your shoulders while empowering the next generation to live life to the fullest!

Eboni W. | Lifestyle Brand Development Specialist; B.S Psych; Master Trainer



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