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Witnessing #HerStory - Madam Vice President

If we're being honest, I don't think either one of us thought we'd see a Black Woman become Vice President of the United States in our lifetime. As we both watched the inauguration, there were so many emotions running through us because we wanted to embed that moment, and her oath in our minds forever. To commemorate this event, we both wanted to share our thoughts and emotions on this historic day.

Vice President Kamala Harris being sworn in on inauguration day

As I watched Kamala Harris take her oath to become The First Black Woman and South Asian Woman elected as Vice President of the United States, my eyes filled up with tears, and my heart burst with emotion. In Kamala, I see more possibilities, endless hope, more optimism and change. I see little Black and Brown Girls getting to see someone who looks like them being a BOSS, a leader, a champion of change, and paving the way for more women to come after her. As Kamala said, she may be the first but she won't be the last. In Kamala, I see #blackgirlmagic personified and I see all the limits that people have tried to put on us lifted. In Kamala I see more doors opening for Black and Brown women because we have even more confidence to pursue our dreams and be our ancestor's wildest dreams. We don't just belong in the room, we're now in the biggest room there is, THE WHITEHOUSE!! Kamala has shown us that we are magic, that we are more than enough, that we are qualified, that we are the table and that there is nothing we can't do. When I look at Kamala, I feel inspired to go harder, I feel empowered to follow my dreams, and I feel lucky to witness #herstory. So excuse me, I will not be humble because this was no small feat. My Vice President is BLACK and I am going to remind you every chance I get! -Shelby

Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden doing a fist bump after being sworn in on inauguration day

My first thought watching the Inauguration as President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were sworn into office was — Wow, what a relief! I admit, I was a little nervous watching at first, given the craziness that happened just a few weeks before at the Capitol. However, I am elated that Biden and Harris are people of decency that care about the American people. It gives me hope that we can get our country back to some sort of healing, forward movement and unity. Most of all, I was excited to see Madam Vice President Kamala Harris get sworn in wearing her purple suit in honor and tribute to Shirley Chisholm — whom was the first Black major-party candidate to run for President of the United States in 1972. It’s amazing how far we have come and how strong, courageous black women alike continue to pave the way for the next.

My favorite part was when Madam Vice President was escorted to the White House by Howard University’s drumline — how dope is that?!. As soon as Kamala walked with her family down Pennsylvania Ave, I felt the same way I felt when Former President Barack Obama was elected for President. Representation truly matters, when you see someone of color making legendary moves, it gives you hope feeling like we all made it! Side note, I hope you know VP Harris is going to low key be running things— ha! This was a powerful moment for all women and specifically women of color — because history was made, or should I say “HERstory”and this is only the beginning. There was a time when women did not have the right to vote, there was a time when black people could not vote. That tells me there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I hope this moment inspires us all in our personal, everyday lives that we can conquer challenges, we can be leaders, we can make positive changes in the world and reach pinnacles that make history. I am hopeful that this new leadership in office will be the change we all hope to see. Also, can I give a shout out to former first lady (still my first lady) Michelle Obama for the slay and the beat! Yass honey, you never disappoint. And lastly, I loved how Amanda Gorman recited her amazing poem during the Inauguration —the epitome of #BlackGirlMagic! To every brown skin girl, continue to walk in your light and shine bright, You are capable of anything and if anyone mispronounces your name, correct them every time! - Erica

[Photo Source/Credit: USA Today; Rueters]



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