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Tiffany Hamm, Founder of Go Hamm On It #GoGetterSpotlight

Being and eating healthy is a lifestyle. Unfortunately, there's not a magical potion that keeps us slim and fit. Oh, how we wish there was one though. Founder and owner of Go Hamm On It, Tiffany Hamm, is a health and wellness coach that is focused on helping men and women live and maintain healthy lifestyles through working out and eating clean.

It's not just a program, it's a lifestyle that Tiffany has committed herself too. Through her own health journey, Tiffany has come to master what it takes to maintain and be healthy without being hungry and miserable (lol).

Working full-time, living a healthy lifestyle, and coaching others on being the healthiest versions of themselves possible, Tiffany is a #GoGetter who doesn't make excuses, but gets results instead.

What is a #gogetter to you?

To me, a go getter is someone who isn’t afraid to go for what they want out of life. Someone who is willing to defy the norms and expectations of society, friends, and even family to go after their passions. Someone who tunes out the negativity around them and focuses on the positive. Someone who is dedicated and committed to trading “normal” activities (watching TV, playing video games, going to the bar every weekend, etc.) for growing and learning opportunities. Someone who doesn't settle for the ordinary or stay complacent. Someone who takes risks for their passions and happiness.

Describe Go Hamm On It and what it means to you. Go Hamm On It / Tiffany Hamm Fitness is how I motivate others to start their fitness or health journey to achieve their goals. Go Hamm On It to me means giving it all you've got and then some. It means being serious about what you want and making it happen. I don't believe in sugar coating, excuses, or BS - if you're not willing to go for it or make an effort, how do you expect to ever reach your goals? #GoHammOnIt

What is the inspiration behind starting Go Hamm On It? The phrase "Go Hamm On It" was something that I came up with in college for a class project and decided to stick with it after I graduated. It wasn't until two years ago when I became more serious about fitness. I participated in an online weight loss challenge and won first place. Then I realized I had what it took to become more involved in fitness, I just didn't know what direction or where to start. Earlier this year, I received a free website and decided to take advantage of it to promote my brand. Just a few months ago, I started an opportunity to be a health coach; I finally had a monetized platform to actually help people with their personal goals.

What would you say is the hardest part about getting started?

The hardest part is actually following through and starting something! It can be difficult to determine a niche and figure out the right path for your passion, but start somewhere! I think we all have the mentality of "I'm waiting until the time is right" or "I don't have time" or we even begin doubting ourselves "I'll never make it" - but who cares! Let go and let God. We absolutely cannot control every little detail of our lives. But what we can do is go for our God-given passion that were placed in our hearts for a reason. God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

What advice would you give to someone who is afraid to take the next step and go after their dreams?

First, forget about the "norms" and expectations society has made us feel we have to do or stick to in order to become successful. Second, take the opportunity now, don't waste time. Time will never slow down or stop for you to "be ready" for the next step. Third, surround yourself with like-minded, positive people. Fourth, add in some sort of personal development into your life to keep you encouraged and learning new things. This could be a weekly podcast, books, blogs/vlogs, seminars, sermons, or any other form of encouragement or area you want to grow in your life.

What does balance look like for you?

Balance for me means knowing when to say no and managing my time as wisely as possible. Making the time to do what I love often times means I may have to make sacrifices, whether it’s giving up  an extra hour or two of sleep or not watching my favorite Netflix series an entire week or longer. You just can’t continue doing the same ordinary things and expect to receive extraordinary results.

So many things are constantly pulling our attention away from our true goals and focus - those 5 new Snapchats, 50 new Instagram notifications, 10 unread emails, missed calls and texts. During the day, if my notifications aren’t business related, I don’t give them my immediate attention so I am able to be as productive as possible.

In addition to building up my own business and brand, I also have a full-time, Monday-Friday, 9-5:30 job. I try to maximize my time throughout the week during the mornings and after work to take time to work on my personal development and goals as well as my business. My weekends are extremely important to me because I finally have the freedom to relax and accomplish anything I wasn’t able to during the week. I unfortunately turn down hanging out with my friends more often than not so I can take time to myself. If your cup is empty and you’re burnt-out exhausted, you cannot pour motivation, hope, and support into others.

Balance is ultimately about being able to become an expert at managing your time and attention. Those who truly care for you will understand when you say no to do what’s best for you.

What is your biggest dream for Go Hamm On It?

My biggest dream for my business is to have financial freedom - to monetize my passion for health and fitness. For me that means building up my business to earn a banking income so I am able to have the location and time freedom I want to spend enjoying life, travelling, spending time with friends and family, and being able to give back to my friends and family who have helped support me over the years instead of feeling chained to a cubicle. 

What is one setback you've experienced and how did you overcome it?

One setback that I've experienced is allowing myself to feel discouraged. I am just starting to put more effort into really building my business and was comparing my lack of new business with all the success of the team around me. Building up a business and reputable brand takes time and doesn't happen overnight in most cases.  To overcome feeling discouraged, I had to take a step back and be more understanding of myself - to not compare myself, to believe in myself, to love the journey and the process of growing. 

What keeps you motivated to keep going?

My motivation comes from wanting to better myself. You're never really "done" or "finished" with growing and developing. If you really want something out of life, you must have the motivation to make it happen for yourself. No one else is going to do it for you. 

How can people get in touch with you?

FB: @gohammonit

Health and wellness are so important to our overall health. And if you're like us, we're not always the best at taking care of ourselves physically and being particular about what we eat and put into out body if we're being honest.

Through following Tiffany's journey on social media and conducting her interview, we realized just how important it was to take our health and wellness seriously. Also, Tiffany pointed out something very important and that was that whatever your dream is, you have to want it bad enough and go after it, with no bs or excuses.

Tiffany took a leap of faith and followed her passion of helping others be healthier. She's turning her passion into a reality by actually putting in the work to be successful. That's what being a #gogetter is all about. It's about taking your passions and going after what God has called you to do.

Be sure to check out Go Hamm On It for all of your health and wellness needs.



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