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The Power of Risk

Dream Bigger!

What is your dream? Now think of that dream being ten times bigger! Can you even imagine? Many people are afraid to think bigger, dream bigger or hope for bigger, out of fear. Sometimes we think ourselves out of an idea to save ourselves from being disappointed or to avoid taking a risk that pushes us outside of our element.

That thing that scares you out of your dreams, we want to encourage you to push past your fears!

We have fears of our own and to be honest, fears can come at you on a daily basis in your everyday routine, or on the job. Especially for dreamers, it can be exciting and scary at the same time. When we first started our blog, it was a huge risk. We had fears of what will people think? Will it last? Will it take a toll on our friendship? But let us tell you something — when you are on the right path to your dreams, the risk you take seems bigger than ever! We are always encouraging our supporters to GO FOR IT. It is most definitely easier said than done. We've realized its not about getting a chance, its about taking one.

Once we got past our risk of starting our blog, it was so rewarding to see the impact our message has had on our supporters. We have most recently expanded into the world of Podcasting - what a huge risk that was! It was intimidating for us to start something from ground zero and maintain the courage to keep it going despite the fear of failure or dislikes. We knew what we wanted to bring to the platform and did not want to focus on what others are doing. We made sure to stick to the plan and be authentically who we are. Another risk you take when stepping into unknown territory is, you don’t know how or if you will be received or perceived well. We each have a unique story to tell and the reward has been an amazing ride! It is true, we risk our time, and sometimes social life to do things for our brand that take priority. But, we always have to remember the bigger picture. A huge reward we have is the outpour love and interaction and how we have inspired somebody to go after their dreams.

One thing we have learned is that there is power in the risk you take. Think of taking a risk as an investment. What are you investing in? When you invest in yourself, your time, your money, your creativity, you are taking a risk. The beauty in that is, a risk can result in reward. But if you don’t risk, where is the reward in that? Whatever your “it” is, you can obtain it. Your dreams and goals are not sitting in your comfort zone, they are in the risk you take. Risking it will be uncomfortable and sometimes the risk of the unknown is enough to keep you stuck where you are. We believe that there is a much bigger picture for the messages we bring through our brand and when we step out of our comfort zone, we are one step closer to our wildest dreams!

We will leave you with this gem: Take the risk! Devote yourself to your idea, go make it happen. Struggle on it, overcome your fears, push through and don’t forget, this is YOUR dream. Dream it, BIGGER.



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