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Sis, Start The Business - 2 Year Bloggerversary!

Our 2 year bloggerversary is this month and what an amazing journey it has been! Thinking back on 2 years ago, we were just two friends who had similar passions in media and to inspire people. And at that moment, we weren’t quit sure exactly what we wanted to do, we just knew we were supposed to do something together. We were inspired by our girls trip to Essence Fest and from that experience we went for it!

When we started, we had no Idea what we were doing, ha! But, we took a leap of faith and never looked back. We wanted to build our brand around positivity and encouragement for women of color to inspire them to go after their dreams, unapologetically. Our brand has expanded to not only inspire women but also anyone who is a #GoGetter and pursuing their passions.

In just a short period of time, we have learned and accomplished so much, reached many goals and through our journey, God has always showed us confirmation and affirmations along the way. When you start something from your heart, it is a vision given to you by God. We learned that we can’t worry about the HOW, but focus on the WHY and let God do the rest. Shout out to God, the CEO of our business, wherever he wants to lead us, we will go and whatever purpose he wants us to fulfill, we’re ready!

Within the last year, we’ve gone harder with the hustle and are determined more than ever, to go after goals whole heartedly! We launched the All Things Melanin Podcast in year 2 and launched our #GoGetter spotlight series that highlights entrepreneurs on their journey. We are building this from the ground up and are so grateful to our supporters, family and friends who continuously show an out pour of genuine love and support.

We want to encourage you to start the business! If you have been contemplating anything, take this as your affirmation to pursue your passion unapologetically. The more you sit there and wait for everything to be perfect, the more time you are wasting and the more chances you have. When we started filming vlogs, we had no equipment, only what we borrowed from family members because we were chasing after our number one goal, that was, and still is, to inspire people. When you do something out of passion and drive, it will be that extra fuel to keep going regardless if you start at the bottom.

Whatever you do, don’t forget WHY you started and continue to do the work, you were made for this! We will never give up, we have a big purpose to fulfill and we are just getting started, cheers to another year of faith, growth and endless possibilities!



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