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Personalized Stationery for the Modern Black Millennial Woman X Saria

Imagine a world where your stationery and office accessories reflect the power and beauty you see in yourself, and are an accurate representation of you. For many Black millennial women, stationery is more than just a place to jot down to-do lists, or even just journal their thoughts. It's a canvas for self-expression, a reflection of our vibrant personalities, and a reminder of the power we hold.

Manifest Your Purpose provides luxury stationary and office accessories that allow Black women to see themselves in the stationary and accessories they use day to day. Founded by Saria, she has created a chic collection of office accessories, decor, and planning tools for purpose driven women. Saria is the Founder/CEO of Manifest Your Purpose. She is an entrepreneur, mom, wife, and takes great pride in running her quickly growing company.

Through the Manifest Your Purpose collection, you're able to practice self care in a way that we don't often think about. This collection aids you in properly planning more effectively, journaling, practicing mindfulness, and creating a daily routine.; all things we do day to day.

Saria sprinkles a little #BlackGirlMagic everywhere she goes by making products that show off the beauty and multidimensionality of Black women.⁠

Seeing a Gap in the Market

Saria saw a gap in the market for stationery that cater to the specific tastes and styles of Black millennial women. She noticed a lack of representation for stationary and office accessories for Black women in particular. For example, when you walk in Target, Hobby Lobby, or Michaels, you more than likely will not see office supplies and accessories that are made specifically for Black women.

Seeing an opportunity in the market and the green light from God, Saria decided to launch a collection that celebrates our beauty, experiences, and needs. This line reflects our individuality and allows Black women to be seen and valued in the stationary and office accessories we utilize.

From Vision to Vibrant Designs

Manifest Your Purpose offers a range of personalized stationery products, from notebooks and planners to notepads and affirmation cards. You can find:

Each item is crafted with high-quality materials and features beautiful designs you'll be sure to fall in love with. To shop the full collection, click here.

More Than Just Stationery

Manifest Your Purpose is about more than just creating beautiful products. It's about creating products and accessories that empower women, allow them to see themselves in the products they use, and provide proper representation. Saria has built (and continues to build) a community that inspires, motivates, and encourages women to manifest their purpose, whatever that looks like for them.

Through social media and her website, Saria fosters a space for connection and conversation. She regularly shares BTS of her day to day, products, and her journey to growing her empire and legacy.

The Power of the Pen

In a world that often doesn't showcase Black women as they should, or create products that cater and represent them, Manifest Your Purpose is.

Manifest Your Purpose is a beautiful and loving display of stationary and accessories that are for us, by us. Their personalized products empower Black millennial women to claim their space and write their own stories. As an avid planner, Saria has created products that help teach others to plan with purpose by using her chic and functional stationery!

If you're a Black millennial woman (or woman in general) looking for stationery and accessories that reflects your unique style, visit Manifest Your Purpose today!

To learn more about Manifest Your Purpose or learn more about their brand, click one of the links below:


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