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#FEMME Blog Post

Let's talk comfort style because it's totally a thing. We're those girls that when you see us out, we are usually dressed to THE TEE. We love a good picture or video moment for memory purposes. However, don't get it twisted, we do not wake up flawless or dress up on a daily basis. We're way more chill than you can ever imagine. Drake said it best "sweatpants, hair tied, chillin' with no make up on" is more of our style honestly.

Within the past year of living through a pandemic, we both got really lazy with our style because, after all, we weren't going into the office so what was the point right? However, one thing we didn't realize is that putting some effort into how we look affects how we feel, our performance, our mood and really just every part of our day. It may not be a big deal to most but it is to us. When we were just putting on mismatched clothes, not putting effort into what we did, we felt really kind of blah. Therefore when we felt blah, it was really hard to get through the day.

We were having a conversation with one another a month or so back and we were talking about practicing self love, being intentional and really just showing up for ourselves. In addition, we wanted to feel better on the inside in a time where things are just heavy.

So one thing we both committed to doing for ourselves is giving ourself more grace, showing ourselves love and putting more thought into our dress - even if we're just sitting at home in front of our screen working or on a zoom call.

So we committed to a self care routine (our routines differ obviously) but we both wanted to essentially do something for ourselves that would spill over into other parts of our lives.

A huge part of that included giving ourselves enough to get up, get dressed and have some "me time"

before work.

That's the thing about clothes. It doesn't have to be super fancy to make you feel good. We've found out that when we wear comfort clothes that make our skin tone pop, or that is

good material or that just makes us feel good - that it improves our mood and the work we do. Investing in comfort clothes that work for you and that you love is a good thing because comfort clothing will never go out of style (at least we hope not.)

Comfort and style is the best combination. When you can be comfortable in the clothing you're wearing it can boost your mood. Matching loungewear sets or a good pair of joggers in your favorite color is always a mood. For us, we enjoy clothing that you can dress up or dress down. The Pink joggers Shelby is wearing can be paired with cute sneakers or your favorite slides to wear around the house. The matching loungewear sets Erica is wearing could be paired with slip on sneakers or faux fur slides to lounge around in. Most of the time, we feel the best when we are wearing our fav pair of sweats or leggings, for example. Femme Luxe has so many cute options in lounge wear sets. Check out Femme Luxe, they have tons of styles to choose from, the material is good and they won't break the bank. #Luxegal

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