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Dressing the Part

As women, and black women in particular, we’ve learned that it's so important to always be twice as prepared in everything we do as we build our brand from the ground up. For us, we know that we always must be prepared, have our facts at the tip of our fingers, and our credentials ready to slide across the table at any time. Being in the content creation space, you low-key must always be “on” and ready at any moment.

As we've grown and put ourselves out there more and more, we've realized how equally important it is to always look the part as well. It's true what they say, if you look good you feel good, and you do good as well. Trust us, we know. Let's be honest, half of it is "who you know," one fourth is what you know, and the last fourth is how you look. So, we always try to go the extra mile to make sure however we choose to display ourselves is natural to us and authentic. That’s so important to us. We don't do the most or wear things that don't fit or represent us. We wear clothing that we like, look good in and are Instagram worthy. If it’s it can’t go on the gram, then what’s the point?!

In addition to looking the part, it gives you a confidence boost you didn't know you needed. Clothing has the ability to increase your confidence and make you stand out. Looking good doesn't have to be expensive at all. To be honest, it doesn't matter how much your clothing cost. What matters most is if it's quality, flatters your body, and if you feel good in it. Clothing doesn't make you, YOU make the clothing.

Confidence is key. Style is a way of saying who you are before you speak. We are individuals with great style, we like to keep it simple but significant. What makes you feel confident? We encourage you to identify your unique style and wear it with confidence! You were born to stand out. When you were little, did you ever play “dress up,” put on your mom’s heels or play in her make up? Why shouldn’t we still continue to play “dress up”, now? Dressing up should be fun and boost your confidence level.

Erica’s style is comfy-chic, wearing Brown Camo Print Elasticated Trousers and pairing it with an oversized denim jacket is perfect for a night out with the girls, or in this case, a virtual girls night! Shelby’s style is fun & flirty, wearing a Black Utility Seatbelt Mini Shirt Dress-Reggie is perfect for a fun virtual happy hour or date night! Both of us love animal print, the Pink Leopard Print Bardot Ruched Frill Hem Dress, can be worn on or off the shoulder, it’s perfect for any occasion.

Our styles compliment each other as a brand. We always consider "dressing

the part" as the whole brand package. We still want to be individuals that compliment each others' individuality. It's important, when building a brand, to consider what styles look best for a cohesive look, whether doing photoshoots, blogs or taking pics for the 'gram.

When you think of fashion, it should be a full expression of who you are as an individual. Fashion is how you express yourself, how you express your mood and your personality. Wear what you feel, stay true to yourself and stay confident in your ability to show off who you are without saying a word.

When you put together an outfit that boosts your mood, it increases your self-confidence. No matter what others are wearing, or what other's say is "in-style", you choose your own style that is unique to YOU.

Life is too short, buy the dress! We want to encourage you to give your style the love it deserves, if you love to wear all black, wear it. If you love to wear all neon colors, wear it. You were not meant to be put into a box, and that goes for fashion too! Always remember to never underestimate a good outfit on a bad day, no matter how you feel, get up, dress up and never give up!

Each picture has the details of our pieces from Femme Luxe and the direct link to purchase.


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