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Date Night Ideas.

Valentine’s Day is approaching and you may be trying to think of date night ideas for you and bae. Whether its your first date, or your long-term partner, we have date night ideas for you!

Try something you’ve never done:

Ice skating: Go to your local ice skating rink for a fun night of laughs as you hold hands with bae trying to keep each other from falling. If it’s your first date, its a great way to “break the ice” ha!

Wine Tasting: There’s nothing like having a great conversation over a good glass of wine. Also, you can learn about each other’s tastes and preferences for future date nights.

Tour a Brewery: If you and bae are into beers, this would be the perfect date night idea to tour a brewery, learn and taste a variety or craft beers.

Sip N Paint: Sip on a glass while showing off your artistic or child-like painting skills! You and bae can connect through creativity or just a fun-filled experience.

Go dancing or take a dance class: Date night for two with good music and great vibes.. This date night idea is a great way to loosen up and let your hair down. Learn a new style of dance together like Salsa or Ballroom dancing!

Cooking class: Turn up the heat with a cooking class, learning to cook different meals would be a great idea for future dinner date nights at home.

Do something active:

Bowling or mini golf: Have some competitive fun by doing something active. Doing something active takes the pressure off of the date and there is nothing better than to be able to have fun with the person you’re with.

Go to a sports game: If you and Bae are fans of a sport team, a little flirtatious smack-talk never hurt nobody! This season there’s basketball and/or hockey games to attend.

Local music spots - concerts: Music is good for the soul, whether its a small intimate venue or a large music hall, be in the moment and enjoy the music and make memories.

See a comedy show, musical or a play: Step out for a night on the town to see a show . If you know Bae is into the arts or comedy, surprise them with tickets to a show!

Keep it simple:

Plan a picnic: Simple, but thoughtful. Pack your favorite meal or snacks and find a local park to share this intimate moment with Bae!

Staycation (overnight stay): Try an overnight stay at an airbnb or hotel in your city to getaway for the night or weekend. A new scenery can open the door for new experience and memories to share!

Stay in - binge watch your favorite movies or shows: If you’re not into the Valentines’ Day madness, stay in for the night, turn your living room into a movie night or binge watch your favorite shows with your favorite snacks, just the two of you.

Make Dinner together: Make reservations in your own kitchen by making a good meal together. There’s no better way than to bond with bae over food.

No matter what you decide to do, the most important thing is the time you are spending together. Be present with your partner, create memories that will last forever.



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