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5 Steps to Leaving a Toxic Work Environment

Being Black women, we've often had to assimilate and water down our Blackness in rooms where we are the only Black person, or in a room where our opinion isn't taken into consideration. We're both college-educated, multi-faceted, intelligent, bright, and hardworking women. It has been disheartening in the past to work so hard for a company and to have accolades behind your name, and not get the recognition, promotion, and hype you deserve. For anyone who has experienced this, or is currently experiencing this, we want you to know that you are worthy of being in a work environment that supports your growth, acknowledges your voice, and allows you to show up as yourself.

Here's a short backstory, we both worked in a toxic work environment when we worked together. We're talking about - dreaded going to work, horrible management, and no room for advancement. The only good thing that occurred is we met each other and became friends. Looking back, we both stayed longer than we should have. We're not sure who this is for but if you're in a work environment that isn't serving you but is draining you, that's not a good place to be. This is your red flag and clue to do what you have to do to move around.

Oftentimes, we stay in work environments that don't serve us and stay miserable. So sis (or bro), we're here to tell you that you don't have to stay in environments that don't serve you. You can move around. So when you know that something isn't for you, make moves to leave. We understand that we have bills to pay, and money to make. We are NOT saying quit - we would never promote that. What we are saying is to create a plan to get a job that better serves you, supports you, and is good for your mental health.

Here are 5 steps you can take to get out of a toxic work environment:

  1. Update Your Resume

  2. Reach out to your LinkedIn and Professional Network

  3. Decide what type of job and work environment you want to be in

  4. Actively apply for jobs you want

  5. Once you get an interview, research the company, ask questions and follow your gut

Hang in there sis (or bro). Coming from two people who were in toxic work environments, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If no one has told you: You are amazing, you are smart, and you have everything you need within yourself to be successful. Don't let one bad job or boss define you. Don't stay in a place that doesn't serve you. It's never too late to pivot or change jobs. Remember that.



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