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Top 5 Things To Do This Summer!

The first day of summer is right around the corner, June 21st to be exact! And this summer, we're making it one for the books. We're not going to be boring and just sit around soaking up the air conditioning. Oh no! This summer, we're making it one to remember. We're going to get out, make some fun memories with friends, loved ones, and bae (if you're boo'd up and all). This summer, let's vow to be lit and have some fun.

So since we're living our best lives all summer, what is there to do? Well since you asked, we'll tell you. 

1. Food Trucks

We don't know about you but we love to eat! The summer is always filled with lots of tasty food and food trucks are a popular destination. Taste of Arlington, Taste of Addison, and Taste of Dallas are all popular events that have food galore. Also, during the summer, there are often many events in different part of the metroplex that have food truck days with different cuisines to try.

Grab your bestfriends or bae and have dinner or lunch at a food truck. Make new memories, try new food, and make memories. It's a great way to try new foods, meet new people, and explore different parts of the metroplex that you may normally may not go.

2. Concerts & Live Music

Summer is the perfect time to get out and dance till you can't dance anymore. There are so many concerts occuring and live music events to attend. Many times, if you follow official pages of the city or are active on social media, different musical events will appear in your suggested things to do. This is a great way to get out and have fun!

From open mic night, to jazz, to rap, to r&b, and many other genres, concerts and live music are a great way to change things up! Show off your dance moves, make some new friends, and soak in the summer air.

3. Networking & Mingling Events

This is a great time to put yourself out there and attend different networking, mingling, and brunches that are being  held. Get out, have some great food, and meet with some great and talented people. Many times, the people that can help us are sitting in the room or are at an event. It can be scary to attend and put yourself out there. But if you don't try, you'll never know.

No matter if you're an influencer, blogger, or business professional, there are all types of events that occur monthly for you to attend. Try not to to think of it as a "have to do thing" and think of it as fun. Go in with an open mind and the willingness to have fun. Take in everything, you never know, you may meet your business partner, a new friend, a new connection or learn something new!

4. Wine Tasting/Wine Walks

Now we don't know about you, but we love wine! The summer is the perfect time to grab bae or your closest girlfriends and enjoy some wine! There are so many different types of wines to try with different tastes from whites to reds, wines that are sweet, wines that are bitter, and wines that are unique. There are too many to name. 

There are so many events that include wines such as brunches, wine tastings, or even wine walks! It's a great way to let loose, unwind, relax, and have some good ole fashioned time with those you love.

5. Weekend Getaway

Whether you decide to pack up your car with your girls or book a quick getaway flight, the summer is the best time to get away and refresh. In the summer, we are halfway through the year. And sometimes, the New Year Resolutions we made have been put by the way side, forgotten, or we've lost steam. One thing we've found that helps us get back on track is to get a way, regroup, refresh, and remember why we're doing what we're doing.

Life is tough, and it's ok to step away and say "I need to regroup." In fact, that's normal. A weekend getway with your girls or bae, whichever you prefer, is the perfect way to get back on track. In fact, some good ole fashioned fun in a different place will do a great deal of good! Often times, when you take yourself out of your routine, it allows you to rest and see things differently. Sometimes you literally have to put yourself in a new place or situation to see things need to change. Plus, getting away is a great way to treat yourself!

This summer, we're pledging to get out, have fun, and do things differently! We're not going to be boring, we're going to be the opposite. Get out, commit to doing something different, and having a good time! Summer 2018, we're ready for you!!!


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