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How to Protect Your Peace in the Workplace!

Recently, one of the areas we've both been focusing on is having and maintaing a positive attitude and outlook at work. Most of us spend at least 40 hours a week at work. We don't know about you but it's difficult to protect your peace and calm at work on occasions. One thing we've learned is that just because we know Jesus, doesn't mean everyone else does. Sometimes one thing can change your entire day and alter your attitude to a negative one.

We'll admit, this has happened to us numerous times on more than one occasion. People have "tried us," talked rudely to us, questioned our intelligence on an occasion or two, and just been negative Nancy's. To be honest, it used to really bother us and cause us to have a bad day. Then one day we realized that us being upset over what someone else has done isn't doing us any good. They're not losing any sleep, stressed, or worried about how either one of us is feeling ... so why should we be upset?

This set us both on a journey to learn how to protect our peace at work. Here are a few things to remember when someone tries you and you have to call on Jesus lol ...

1. You can't change what someone else does or thinks, only how you react to it ..

There have been times when each of us have been boiling mad and ready to go off. You know that feeling when you get so angry, your body and face feel red HOT. When those situations occur, just take a few deep breaths to calm down. In these situations, understand that how you react has the power to alter your day. 

Sometimes we have to learn to choose your battles. If you've done all you can do, handled the situation with the higheset level of professionalism, let it go. Whoever made you mad, they don't have to go home with you and you don't have to make them dinner. So leave them on that email, phone call, or in the office. People will get angry and upset, that's inevitable.

2. Write down 5 - 10 affirmations in your desk area.

You are what you feed your mind. So feed it positivity and affirmations. There have been days where we've both just been down and out, days where we felt drained from the job and the people around us. So we each have affirmations that we look to when we feel empty or overwhelmed. Recite those affirmations to yourself at least 10 times or until you feel peace begin to come over you.

Write it on a notepad, your phone, your computer, or anywhere you have easy access to. Fill your day up with positivity by planting postive messages and affirmations to yourself throughout the day. You'd be surpised at how something so simple and little can impact your day.

3. Pray and meditate daily.

One thing that has helped us trendmendously is having quiet time and meditating on God's word. Take time out of your day whether in the morning, evening, night or on your lunch break to spend time with God. During this time, pour out your worries, restlessness, and feelings. Be 100% and get it off your chest. Then sit in God's presence and pray. This allows you to relieve your burdens and give it to God. He will always provide and take care of you, however, you have to allow him to by telling him and spending time with him.

You spend a majority of your day at work. It's so important to protect your peace while there and not allow it to take over your life. Don't allow a bad thing that occurred or what someone said to alter your day. Protect your peace at all times. Whether you have to remove yourself from the situation, take a walk, or turn on your Gospel playlist on. Do it. As we always say, YOU are the most important person in your life, make sure you treat yourself like it. Protect your peace at all cost!


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