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Godfidence: Confidence You Can't Buy

Confidence is a feeling or consciousness of one's powers or of reliance on one's circumstances. Simply put, confidence is how you feel and perceive yourself. Sometimes, our confidence is on 100 and sometimes it's low. We live in a society that's always "on." Always on fleek, slay mode, or I woke up like this mode. It's hard to feel like enough when you're not feeling like yourself. We've all been there and we're convinced it's normal.  But recently we've each been doing some personal soul searching. Taking time out to focus on our personal goals, dreams, etc to be a better individual.

And recently, we each grew in GODfidence. Godfidence is the being confident in who God created you to be. That means being content and loving your physical appearence, God given talents, and everything that is unique about you. The thing is, there is no one else like you on this earth, you're a one of a kind. So often we get wrapped up in the news, tabloids, and gossip sites about what's in or beautiful. Sometimes, it can be draining.

Often times we don't realize the effect that certain things and people have on us and how draining that can be. However, be confident in who you are right now, at this moment. GODfidence is relying on the personal relationhship you have with God to boost your morale. When you develop your relationship, you'll find that you begin to feel better about the littlest things and your confidence will boost.

GODfidence will allow to see the positive outlook on no's, rejection's, closed doors and hold ups. GODfidence will allow you to be confident in the dreams and passions that are on your heart. GODfidence will allow you to see that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. 

Life isn't perfect, nor will it ever be and that's ok, it's not supposed to be. Be content and have Godfidence in where you are right now. You are beautiful, smart, and have everything you need to get where you're going. We believe in you and know that you've got this!


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