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Creativity Takes Courage

Creativity is when you allow yourself to create your minds wildest dreams. Not everyone is creative and those that are, know that it's a gift. It's not something that you can just "turn on." For us, it something that usually comes to you in a sudden moment and you do everything you can to capture it and recreate that idea. When you're gifted and talented with creativity, know that your creativity is bigger than you and specific to the calling on your life.

We're both creatives, and love bringing our ideas and dreams to life. But if we're being honest, it's hard to be a creative sometimes and share that with the world. Because if we're being honest, our brand is one big creative idea that we're creating and pushing. When you put your creativity out to the world, you're putting yourself out there to be criticized, disliked, and scrutinized. Quite frankly, creativity takes courage.

Know that being creative is a gift. You can't worry about what others have to say, just do the best you can and put your work out for the world to see. Your job isn't to worry about the job, your job is to share your gift with the world. It takes courage to put yourself out there, it takes courage to share your gifts with the world and it takes courage to be authentically you in a world that wants you to blend in.

So here's our advice to you, keep walking in your light and be true to you. Create and don't worry about how it will be perceived. Instead, focus on bringing your creativity to life and sharing it with the world. Not everyone has the gift of creating, so when you know, know that you are special and unique. Use every talent that God gave you and have no regrets. Creativity does take courage, are you up for the challenge?


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