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Cleo TV - TV For Millenial Women

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Earlier this month, we had the pleasure of attending the launch event for Cleo TV, a network for millennial women of color. It was a blast to say the least, and refreshing to see a network that would showcase positive, fresh content for women of color in a great light.

Many may ask why Cleo TV? Why now? The answer is quite simple, now is the perfect time for a network that empowers and enlightens women of color. Women are changing the world every single day and we're doing amazing things that once were only a dream. We're running businesses, bossing up, traveling the world, living our best lives and more. It's time that there was a network that was an accurate and positive representation of who we are!

So often, women of color are depicted as one way or one type. That's just not true or an accurate representation of all of us. Cleo TV steps outside of the box to offer us different facets and shows that are a reflection of who we are. From lifestyle, entertainment, cooking, traveling, fashion, beauty, and food, there's something for everyone.

It's a remarkable time for women. Women are movers, shakers, and change makers. From Oprah to Michelle Obama, we're able to see women of color who are beautiful, intelligent, and kicking ass in all areas of their lives. Cleo TV just made it easier to be seen and represented.

When either of us look at the world, we want to ensure we're represented, we're heard and that we're understood. Representation matters. When we look at TV, both of us want to see our reality reflected back at us, we want to see positive images and shows that we can see ourselves in or doing. Cleo TV is that for us.

January 19th was a monumental day. It's the day Cleo TV launched. Just an idea at first from exec Michelle Rice, TV 1's General Manager. She took her idea and made it into a reality. Her inspiration being her three beautiful daughters. With hardwork, persistence, dedication, and backing from sponsors, one major sponsor being Curls, Cleo TV became a reality.

We always complain that we don't see ourselves represented or we don't have anyone to look up to/relate to, but now we do. So be sure to check out Cleo TV, now currently showing on Comcast Xfinity. Also, be sure to check out their site for more information and details at !


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