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5 Things The BYOB Retreat Taught Us

It's been three weeks since The BYOB Retreat in Atlanta, Georgia and we're still reeling from everything we learned. It was truly a great experience that gave us affirmation that we're on the right track, new things to think about, and a fire to go harder.

We've attended a few conference and brunches, and to be honest - many of them lack authenticity and tangible tools to utilize. It seems that so many people take advantage of the hunger for people to be successful that they slap a huge dollar amount on an event and do it for the gram, not to really help people.

The BYOB Retreat was a one of a kind experience and unlike any other conference we've ever been to. There were over 2,000 creatives that attended that were hungry to learn, network, and grow in their business. From start ups to established businesses, it was amazing to see so many millennials of color come together to learn and level up. From the moment we got there until Karen Civil's keynote, it was LIT with knowledge, takeaways, and establishing genuine connections.

From sessions about podcasting, starting from the ground up, finances and more, there was literally something for everyone in attendance. To top it off, there were some heavy hitters in attendance that led the panel discussions and gave real gems to the audience. From the interactive BYOB app, to the mixer, it was literally amazing.

Here are 5 Take Aways we got:

1. Be Open to Learning & Receiving new information

There were so many gems that were dropped in each session that it was a little overwhelming, in a good way though! Some of the information we already knew, but we went in with an open mind to learn and observe everything we could.

So many times we forget that in order to grow and advance, we have to be open to learning and receiving new things. Everything and everyone evolves. BYOB reminded us that in order to be the best, we have to continually learn and take in new information. If it works for us, GREAT! If it doesn't, that's ok too. However, you never want to be stuck or left in the past.

2. Be Authentic

Every single person that was on a panel was unique. They poured their hearts out and were honest about their journey to success. The common theme that we both saw in each panelist and keynote is that they stayed true to themselves and were authentic.

We live in a society that makes us feel weird about being different or not like the crowd. But everyone we admire or like is different! There's something about them that makes them stand out and essentially who they are. The world needs you at your most honest and true self. When you're unapologetically yourself, you open yourself up to countless possibilities.

3. Stay Ready so you don't have to get ready

You never know when opportunity will arise, so be ready. You know what you do best, after all, you established your brand. So always have a brief synopsis of what you do, the problem you solve, and the action you can take. Always be ready, you never know who you may come in contact with or what opportunities you will be given.

4. Serve, Serve, Serve

So many times, we always go to the "most" important person in the room and want, want, want. The reality is, we're not offering any value to that person when we're asking/demanding to work together. Instead, we need to learn how to serve others and add value to them.

Ask them what they need, tell them how you can help them, or be of service. Before you can lead or be a heavy hitter in your desired field, you need to know as much as possible. The best way to do that is to learn from someone who has more experience and knowledge in your desired field. Don't be afraid to roll up your sleeves and work from the ground up. Some of the best lessons you'll need will be learned when serving others. All the while, you're building genuine relationships and creating a rolodex of knowledge to use to advance your business/brand in the future.

5. Put In the work

The most important thing you can do is to put in the work. Make sure you're consistently putting in the time and work to be where you want to be. Be intentional about building your brand/business. Set aside a certain amount of time every single day and commit to doing something that will make your business grow. Rome wasn't build in a day and your brand won't be either. However, just as Rome was built brick by brick, you can do the same with your brand.

As cliche as all five of these take a ways sound, they're true. The BYOB Retreat was affirmation that when you do what you're called to do, you're consistent, open, authentic, and willing to learn, you'll get where you need to go. IF you've never been, we would highly suggest attending The BYOB Retreat next year. It's not just an event, it's a one of a kind experience that will change your life!


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